I love the age my eldest is at. We went through a bit of a tough time recently where we just weren’t seeing eye to eye and everything was a debate. I cried a lot and swore I would never have another child. Isn’t it funny how they have the power to do that? BUT, he has turned a corner and is back to his usual funny self. Man this kid can have us in hysterics. We love it.

This morning we were all sitting is bed having tea and rusks, as you do in the winter mornings. He was looking at his baby brother with the sweetest look on his face and while dipping his rusk began declaring his undying love for him.

“Brodes, I love you, you are so cute. I just want to eat your face off” I think he gets that last bit from me. Sure it sound’s a bit cannibalistic but I really do love them so much sometimes that sinking my teeth into their spongy flesh is about all that’s left to do.

We watched him kiss his brother and then he started a rather interesting conversation. One that I’m not quite sure I was ready for at 7 am.

“I think you and dad must get married again and have another baby. Brody is my baby, and dad needs a baby too”

The thing that bothered me most and got my attention straight away was that I wasn’t even considered in the equation.  As the mother, which baby was being delegated to me to love and hold and HAVE?

“What about me babe, what baby can I have?”

“You guys (his parents yes) can get married again and  have another girl. Or maybe twins, you can have two girls mom”

I began to notice a pattern and realised he thought it was imperative to get married in order to have a baby. I gently explained,

“Babe you don’t need to get married again to have a baby. You marry once and then you make love to make a baby”

It was around this point that I started choking on my rusk, waiting for the big question to come up AGAIN. Several months ago I was called aside by one of the teachers at his school who asked what Noah’s new obsession with baby making was. I had had a very brief discussion with him about sex by explaining that if two people love each other very much they can make love and a baby can be put into the mommies tummy. Apparently I forgot one vital piece of information (that you need to be adults), because he went to school telling all his friends that if they love each other enough they could make babies.

Huge mom fail yes.

But as it so happens, this morning he casually squinted his eyes, shrugged his shoulders and boldly exclaimed ” Well do it. Make it. Make love. DO IT NOW! What are you waiting for?”

My husband and I burst out laughing which encouraged him even more.

“Come On guys… make a baby. LIKE NOW. Seriously I don’t even know what you waiting for.”

It was quite soon after that that daddy left the room. It could have been just after I said “You see babe, it a sign!”

Thanks or putting off your dad for another year Noah. Next time il follow your instructions and ‘Just do it now!!”



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