Being a parent means we are often forced to suck it up. From the day our kids enter the world we are taught to roll with the punches, accept the lows and really just harden the FOK up. We are very quickly taught that what can be sweet and incredibly endearing  one moment, can be down right agitating and infuriating the next.

Here are 8 things my kids do that I love, but also hate.

1. They do annoying little things like play with your hair. My eldest has had this really sweet habit of playing with my hair since he was a baby. Over the years has become so accustomed to playing with it every chance he can get, especially when falling sleep. The fact that he back to his habit of writhing his way into our bed in the wee hours of the morning, means he makes sure to find his way right next to me (something I love!!) to ensure he has a decent amount of hair to play with. While I think it’s just the sweetest thing, nothing can really frustrate you more than the sound of someone’s fingers in your ear all night blindly searching for locks of hair. Worse, the feeling of hair tickling your ear canals? It has the power to turn me into a crazy. Sometimes I get scared it’s going to do long-term damage to me psychologically. *She says twitching
2. They talk and ask of 5345 questions a day. Nothing is more incredible and exciting that watching your child develop and learn right? It’s a miracle that we get to witness as they evolve and flourish. From the moment they say their first word to them being able to string a few words together to them telling you in long exaggerated terms how a chicken makes an egg. It’s a wonderful thing to witness right? It’s a wonderful thing to witness right? It’s a wonderful thing to witness right? Don’t you think it’s a wonderful thing to witness? Not so nice when it’s non-stop though is it? And don’t even get me started on the “BUT WHY???” Sometimes at the end of a long vocab-filled day, I feel a desperate need to sit in silence. On occasion my husband has found me in the bathroom, gently rocking myself to the sound of my own hum. Anything to block out the sound of their voices on repeat.
3. They wake up at the sparrows fart with enough energy to take over Eskom’s power plant. Children are born with this innate ability to open their eyes and just GO. There is no easing into their day or that lovely overlap of time from sleeping to awake. I mean, dozing? Is that something you clean your car with? Or something you use to bake? There’s no stretching or yawning or contemplating the day before rolling out of bed. They literally hit the floor running. Now most of you would assume it all bad right? I mean who in their right sleepy mind would see the joy in that? But let me tell you, there is nothing better than a little person’s body in your bed: the sweet little moments of talking in the dark before the rest of the world has risen from their slumber. I know that as much as I sometimes despise the early morning wake ups, they will be something, in the not so distant future that I will miss more than a good lie in.
4. Their honesty. FOK are they honest. The other day my kid told me that he had a booger and it was really sticky so he wiped in between the joins in our couch. He actually owned up to this and admitted it to me in all the gory detail from start to finish. It’s truly remarkable how they are wired to just say something for what it is. Don’t you wish we could just do that? No, not share our cleaning rituals with the world, but talk openly and candidly the way they do. It can get you into trouble though, having a big mouth. Like when they ask you why the man standing behind you the checkout counter is so fat. I always told my mom honesty would come back to bite me in the ass.
5. They are loud and crazy and full of attitude. Frankly, they have no off button. I realize this sentence is enough to make people never want to have kids and even make those already in possession of some regret having them, but it’s a reality. It s a reality for those of us with healthy children. Unfortunately it’s not a reality all parents get to witness . For those with very sick or terminally ill kids, they never get to see their children be children. They never get to see them jump and play and be wild at heart :.. All it takes is my kids  getting sick for a week where they become lethargic and weak for me to realize I need my happy crazy children back. While they have the ability to drive me to drink, I LOVE their energy because their energy represents good health.
6. They don’t stop eating. . I’m realizing I need to count my blessings with this one too. My kids eat well and there is quite a satisfactory feeling about knowing they are getting so much goodness into their bodies, but man alive! It’s a bloody non-stop effort to make snacks and meals that keep them full for longer than 5 minutes. I swear both my boys eat more than I do and lets not forget how our grocery bill has doubled in the last few years. Will I ever afford diesel jeans ever again? Hell no.
7. Their inability to keep calm and play it cool. I love it when I tell my kids we are going to the beach or for ice cream. They literally scream the house down. I love their excitement believe me I do, but sweet mother of pearl do they carry on like a bunch of crazies. You would honestly think I was announcing a trip to Disney land. Oh dear God, imagine when that day finally comes. Seriously, don’t kids know how to lower their voices to a scream?
8. Their need to get involved with everything and do it themselves. With no help. Not even a little bit. They are both at an age where they love to help with dinner, set the table and help clean.  It’s all rather cute, MOST of the time. What I hate is when I’m in a hurry after a long day and my kid is insisting on cutting all 10 tomatoes with a blunt knife. I dare not offer him help of any kind because well, he WILL take my eyes out. Or at the very least give me a very volatile talking to which no doubt leaves my cut to the core. I love encouraging them to assert themselves and embrace their independence but God have mercy on my tired soul. I just want to make supper and go sit on the couch.

As parents we live in a bit of a contradictory world don’t we? What we love can very often be the thing we hate. There is something about little people that you can’t help but adore. Despite all their crazy antics, quirky personalities and funny little quips, we love them. We may not always love the irritating and testing things they do and sometimes we may feel the need to put a sharp object in our eye.  But we love them. Not only  in spite of these things but because it makes them who they are.

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