Children are tricky little critters. The infamous line from Forrest Gump “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get” couldn’t be more fitting to children really. Children are like a box of chocolates, you never know what heck you’re gonna get or what to expect! …. A good sleeper or a restless one who doesn’t settle easily? An easy going child or one who panics when out of his normal routine? An assertive, walk-around middle finger or a placid laid back child who works compliantly with you? A fussy eater who lives on a dry cracker and half a banana the entire day or a baby who literally inhales food from morning ’til night? You just never know.

I think it’s the moms with fussy eaters who have the most challenging time in the early years, who worry the most and feel so helpless. Nothing we do seems to make much difference and we worry constantly about whether their little growing bodies are getting the nutrients they need. How do I know this?

Because Noah my first born was possibly one of the world’s worst eaters ever that’s why. I spent hours in the kitchen mulching up every concoction under the sun, hoping that I would make something, anything that he would swallow. And if I got three teaspoons down it was a victory. He lived on the same organic butternut jars for months on end as this was literally the only thing her would eat. Every meal time was met with angst and every weigh-in at the clinic was met with more angst as we watched the scale, each time with disappointment. SO I KNOW!!

Fast forward to my last two children and the coin has literally flipped. Brody and Hunter have gobbled up their food from the get go and I appreciate their good appetites that much more, because I know what it’s like to worry.

I only started using Rhodes Squish Purees with Brody and Hunter and wish to the food Gods above that they were around when Noah was a baby. I have a strong suspicion they would have made a huge difference to his eating journey and allowed him to fall in love with food as he worked his way through all their delicious flavours. They have certainly saved my lazy ass on many occasions with this one….


Rhodes Squish 100% Fruit and Vegetable purees and juices have been created with babies and toddlers in mind. Free from preservatives, colouring and flavouring, Squish contains no added starch; only the natural goodness of fruit and vegetables, packed in convenient on-the-go sizes.


  1. They are all goodness with no bad stuff. Look Ive calmed down over the years and Hunter certainly has experienced her fair share of sugar in her young little life but for those first year of them eating solids it so important that they are given only best without all the nasties. And Rhodes deliver in every regard. Squish 100% fruit & vegetable purees (and pressed juices) are filled with quality ingredients, no added sugar or starches.
  2. They are perfect to add to other meals. For instance when your baby is older and needing more protein….. if you’ve cooked a batch of mince but haven’t managed to cook fresh veggies, you can easily just mix some veggies into your protein. I did this so often for Hunter when life got overwhelming and I still wanted her to have the goodness of healthy veggies. All her full cream plain yoghurt was mixed with fruit for dessert or snack time. And boy did she LOVE that! (You may be happy to know that their NEW range includes a yoghurt and fruit pouch so it seems the wonderful Rhodes people are always one step ahead, making it evermore convenient now! (MORE ABOUT THAT BELOW)
  3. They are convenient and last a really long time!! I love it that they can literally be taken out of a cupboard and thrown into a bag before heading out…. no meal prep necessary! When Hunter was a baby we would so often decide to go grab a pizza last minute and knowing i could just pop one of these in her nappy bag was such a relief. And she still takes the fruit ones with her wherever she goes to enjoy as s snack on the run.
  4. And guys they make the best addition to smoothies! I was making smoothies one day and didn’t have much fruit in the house and decided to nick one of Hunter’s. And let’s just say the Summer Berries one is the best smoothie flavour by far! Or the mango, the mango is good too!!

AND NOW THEY HAVE ADDED TWO NEW PRODUCTS TO THEIR RANGE!! Jellies and Yoghurt & fruit pouches! They are something pretty special!


I’m giving away a super cute Squish hamper which includes an AWESOME Zoku lolly maker that your kids will love no matter their age! My kids have been loving our healthy concoctions we have been whipping up using ours!

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