Having a girl after two boys means I get to experience many things I never did before. I can remember before my boys were born, I would pin all the cool outfits I thought I would dress them in, and it was decided that they would be trending from the get-go. Fast-forward 6 years and they are so far deep in their superhero obsession, I cannot even persuade them with ice-cream to wear anything other than Batman and The Hulk –  which of course offers LOTS of bright prints and ZERO style. I learned to let go of that dream a long time ago and accepted my fate as a mom of boys.

But now that I have a little girl, It’s like I’ve been handed a real life doll to play dress up with. And she’s getting cuter and cuter to dress now that her personality is starting to shine through! I’m so grateful for brands like Clicks Baby that offer style as well as affordability. I was introduced to the Clicks Baby range when I was still pregnant and I received this gorgeous hoodie/coat from my mom as a gift. Now if anyone knows anything about my mom it’s that she refuses to buy poor quality, she’s a quality over quantity type of shopper. So the Clicks Baby range scores 10 out 10 for us! Hunter has worn it from new born and it still fits her with room to grow at almost 3 months!!


She has lived in this coat during the winter and I’ve been so impressed with the quality. So the summer range surely will not disappoint either!!  Here Hunter models some of their latest range, which is now available in stores. I love the peachy pinks and corals of the summer range and this tutu is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. ♥

All this can be found in Stores so if you are looking for cute stuff go check them out. Also, I’m running a competition over on Instagram for you to WIN double tickets to the Clicks Baby Event on the 19th October at The Forum, Embassy Hill in Constantia. It’s going to be a day of celebrating Clicks Baby turning 6!!

Guests can look forward to talks from  celebrity guest speakers, pampering, yummy food and amazing goody bags! Plus you will get to meet lots of other moms and some of your favourite mommy bloggers!

Head on over to @leighgeary on Instagram to find out more!



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