Women are amazing. Are we not? We are many things – sisters, daughters, mothers, wives, and more often than not, strong and independent professionals who add value to society. And on top of all these things, we are multi-taskers, planners and organisers – be that in the corporate world or running a home. Be that in the Courtroom or behind the kitchen stove! As we navigate our roles accordingly, one thing is clear. One small thing that very often sets us apart from men: We are detailed planners. We are always ready. Just in case. 

We like to be ready for whatever life may throw at us. We like to know we have a back up plan should life not always go according to plan. Why? Because it gives us sense of control and security. Because we don’t like being unprepared for the unforeseen. Because we like to know there is a plan B, like a knight in shinning armour, ready to catch us if we fall. Because unlike men who pack a tog bag for a two week holiday, we are more likely to overpack, because we would rather be over-prepared then underprepared. Right?

1st for woman know how important it is for a women to feel prepared in an emergency. They know that we are wired to desire security and that our innate need for being prepared for such emergencies is important to us. And they are celebrating women this Women’s day by saluting us and saying it’s a GOOD thing to Always be ready. Just in case. 

1st for Women is there for all those ‘just in case’ moments with insurance specifically designed for women – not only providing car and home insurance, but also supporting the unique needs of women by providing peace of mind and convenience through its Guardian Angels. 

I love that 1st For Women are all about empowering women and making us feel it’s OK to be wired this way. More than that they make us feel proud for wanting to be prepared for the unknown. I love it that they cater for women, not because we are inferior or incapable, but because we simply desire different coverage and a different kind of support.

“With our car and home insurance there is a Guardian Angel who you can call 24/7 whether you need your tyre changed, car towed or someone to make sure you’re safe; if you need a reliable locksmith, builder, electrician or handyman; or if you need to speak to a nurse, get medical advice or to call an ambulance.”

 Our insurance product reduces functional stress and balances it with emotional peace of mind which goes hand in hand with being prepared.”

And how’s this? A portion of each monthly premium goes to the 1st for Women Foundation in order to help those affected by women abuse prepare for a better future!

This video incapsulates all too well how women feel about their need for insurance and security. It perfectly describes our need to always be prepared. JUST incase. ♥

**** 1st for Women Insurance understands women’s unique insurance needs. 1st for Women offers car, home contents, buildings, business and life insurance as well as a host of unique value-added products. The company’s growth has exceeded all expectations, indicating that women welcome a short-term insurance offering that is tailor made to meet their needs – not just a generic product in pink packaging. ***

You can follow the conversation on Twitter and stay up to date with their message behind the campaign on Facebook. For more information simply visit their website for a quote or call 0861 00 33 28 ♥


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