My little Bear Happy Birthday!!

I’m sorry this letter is a day late, but i think you can forgive me with all that’s been going on. You are so understanding and easy to please little one, I think that’s how you have always been, from the very day you were born.

You have never been a demanding or needy child and it takes the smallest thing to put a smile on your face. You are just a really happy kid with an uncomplicated way about you. There are three things you need and love in this life – your friends and family, good food (or any food for that matter) and your Benji. Armed with these three things you  are always ready to take life by the horns and enjoy it to the max. I love that about you.

When I ask you what you did at school and what the highlight of your day was you always say “Playing with my friends and laughing”. You really do love a good laugh don’t you? And so you should. I love the innocence of your mind and the way you see the world. Completely untainted by anything negative, always simple and effortless.

It must be said though, you eat A LOT!! At least once a week i ask myself if you could have worms, but am quickly reminded that you are growing boy and I know i should count my blessings that you eat just about anything I put in front of you. Just for the sake of documentary, your record the other day was as follows :

  1. 1 bowl of oats wth honey
  2. 1 piece of toast with peanut butter
  3. 1 banana
  4. 1 apple
  5. snack at school
  6. Cooked lunch at school
  7. Sandwich at home (you always tell me you didn’t eat at school so you can get another lunch at home)
  8. Popcorn
  9. a cupcake
  10. a biscuit
  11. a bowl of soup with two pieces of toast
  12. full cream yogurt and honey

Yup that sounds about right….. no wonder our grocery bill has doubled since you came along. Please please use your love of food in your favour later in life an learn to cook good food for your wife. It will stand you in very good stead. ♥

I love your personality Brodes. You are just such a well-balanced little guy. You love to play with your friends but you also play so beautifully and independently on your own. Your Papi always used to tell me that this is a good thing because it shows that you like your own company and don’t need people to entertain you or offer you something. You are very happy to explore the garden by yourself and often we find you in your own little world putting that crazy imagination to use. It’s so refreshing and inspiring my boy.

You have progressed so well at school and are learning new things everyday. Your drawings are beautiful and I love how you draw pictures of your family and unborn sister. You are so excited to meet her I can tell.

You are determined to do things on your own, but more to prove things to yourself than to others. I admire your determination and the fact that you don’t give up if things get tricky. I love more than anything seeing you overcome a challenge and master the art of something something. The pride on your face in those moments says it all. I think it’s directly reflected ono my face too!

Now I’m going to make this a little bit about me and say I’m a little nervous of what’s about to happen in the next few weeks. As we welcome your little sister into the world, you are going to move up the ladder from being our baby to being a big brother. I’m excited no doubt, but also a little uncertain. You and I have always had this special and intense relationship with you as my baby. I tell you everyday that you will always be my baby and the other day you looked at me without me even saying anything and said ” Mama, I will always be your baby even when I’m 14. Even when I’m 34!” It’s like you knew i needed to hear that. (Even though i know at 14 you will feel quite differently and at 34 I will feel quite differently too!)

I’m so immensely proud of you my little bear. You continue to light up our lives every single day and Noah, Dad and I are are so blessed that you were born into our family four years ago. Life has not and will never be the same since. Please know how much I adore you and count myself the most blessed mama bear in the world having you as my son. Its and honour and a privilege to be your mama bear. Thank you for choosing us.














Happy 4th Birthday my Brody Hawkin Geary!




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