There are moments in one’s life who you look around and realise just how good life has been to you. You know? Those sweet moments in life where you fully appreciate the beauty that exists in your life and just how blessed you are to have what you have and be who you are.  One such moment was this past weekend where I was surrounded by some of my most special girlfriends as they lavished me and my baby girl with gifts and love.

Apart form all the over-the-top gorgeous spoils we received, the most special by far were the prayers, blessings and words of encouragement spoken over her life in what has become a  blessing ceremony among our circle of friends. My friend Jojo was the first to introduce this lovely ritual and since then it has become an integrated part of all our baby shower celebrations. Basically it’s a ritual that signifies the bond of sisterhood. Sitting in a circle you loop cotton/string around your wrist before passing it on to the next person.(At the end each person will be connected with the same long piece of string) Each friend has a chance to say something – A blessing, a prayer, a word of encouragement for the mother and the impending birth, anything they have on their heart! At the end, once you have gone full circle, you cut the string and tie it to your wrist. This will be kept on your wrist until the day of the birth where each friend will cut theirs off and again say a prayer wherever they are for their mommy friend. It’s too beautiful right???

Well, let’s just say more beautiful words have never been spoken about me or over the life of my unborn child. It was overwhelming to say the least and I’m still processing all the beautiful things that were said. It’s given me the boost I need to see the last two weeks through and a focus and inner strength that wasn’t there before.

Isn’t it amazing how your community of friends have the power to build you up like this? How your people have the potential to restore faith and belief in yourself and carry you through what can be a bit of an uncertain time? This is exactly what my girls have done for me. Given me that sense of control back and reminded me what I am capable of during birth and raising another little human. It’s refreshing and I’m revelling in the after-glow of such a beautiful and intimate time spent with these precious ladies in my life.

I’m eternally grateful for you girls, and I count myself the luckiest woman in the world to have you walk this journey beside me!!  Thank you thank you thank you!!

I was so slack with pictures of the day as i was completely caught up in the moment, just as it should be right? But here’s a picture of me in all my glory with my beautiful flower crown fit for a bride 🙂


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