There are so many things we worry about as parents. We worry about our kid’s eating and whether they are getting all the nutrients they need to develop strong and healthy bodies and minds. We worry about their ability to learn and adjust to new social situations and whether they will be well-balanced, acceptable kids who deal well with life’s pressures as they grow up. We worry about them making friends and being liked. We worry about them being bullied, or worse, becoming one. We worry about how they perceive themselves and their general sense of self-esteem.  And then, we worry about their safety and well-beingconstantly praying that our precious little human beings are kept safe and unharmed. It’s crazy right?

The scary part is that we live in crazy world where bad things can and do happen. And while we can’t live in constant fear of what may happen, we also can’t ignore the weight of responsibility that comes with being a parent and doing what we are meant to do – keep them safe. It’s in our blood, like an innate need to protect what is ours. Yet we so often feel overwhelmed by things that are out of our control hey? That feeling that no matter how hard we try to protect our young, there are outside influences that play their part every time they leave the house?

So when I was sent some Tiny Track watches to test out on my kids, the concept seemed too good to be true. A watch that worked as a phone and GPS tracker? Could this really be something that has made it’s way to our shores? A country that probably needs them the most with its high levels of crime and an increasing kidnapping and child-trafficking rate. I was eager to learn more and really see for myself if these watches were worth all the hype and money. Because let’s face it, they don’t come “cheap”. But perhaps the question we need to be asking is : Are these devises worth their penny if they really do offer me as a parent a sense of control and safety over my precious child?  I mean can you really ever put a price on such a thing?

We have tested them recently and were incredibly impressed by what these smart little gadgets offer. Here’s the run down of how they work and what you can expect from Tiny Track watches:

Quantifi, the company that has brought some of the world’s best wearable technology devices to South Africa, has launched TinyTrack, a kids’ watch with built-in GPS tracker.

With TinyTrack watches, you can easily call and track your child from your smartphone by means of an app available on the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

Satellite tracking technology which makes use of (AGPS and LBS) locating systems allow for precise positioning of your child, with the ability to set up a virtual fence, and an alert system that sends you a notification whenever your child leaves the boundaries you have set on a street map.

Communication functions on the TinyTrack include making and receiving calls to and from preset contacts, sending and receiving voice messages as well as one-way text messaging from your app to the TinyTrack watch.

In case of an emergency, your child can push the SOS button, which immediately activates an alert on your phone, showing your child’s location. The watch will also automatically activate a 30-second sound recording, enabling you to hear your child and any other nearby voices or sounds.

Look here’s the thing – I have obviously realised that it would be very easy for any perpetrator or dodgy opportunist to remove the watch so it wouldn’t be as simple as tracking your child down to a kidnapper’s door, but here’s the way I see it : The fact that in an emergency situation an SOS button can be hit to send vital information to a parent is petty incredible! Those first couple of minutes in any child abduction situation are vital to the case. Also, the watches are mainly used to keep kids strictly in a designated perimeter or notify a parent of any weird activity or places your child shouldn’t be (As they get older) – and avoid getting to a point where they are vulnerable in the first place. The fact that it notifies you if your child has stepped out of that “safety zone” or perhaps taken a different route home from school on their bike, means parents can be alerted and are able to follow up with their child child and ask the appropriate questions. It’s there to remind them to stay in that area before they are put in a situation or environment that could in fact inhibit something bad happening to them. It’s also just great to call them to come inside for supper 🙂

The other big plus side is they are super cool and easy to wear. They are soft and therefore don’t limit a child’s play. And let’s be honest, kids feel like they have extra super powers!

Here’s an example of how these watches offer me peace of mind as a parent to a 6 and 4 year old:  If we go to restaurant with an outside play area where as much as a I try my children are not always visible – by putting these watches on them i will be notified if they go somewhere too far or leave the play area without me being aware. By being alerted I am able to focus my attention back to my child and ensure they are safe before they wonder too far and are possibly opening themselves up to potential danger.. I’ve “lost” Brody at a restaurant before and had he been wearing the watch it would have saved us all several minutes of hell. My husband wouldn’t have jumped walls and run the streets looking for him and I wouldn’t have screamed that terrifying scream calling his name, because we would have found him before our minds jumped to the worst conclusion. That’s just one example.

Some of you may be asking how old your child should be to use these watches and here’s the thing – there are two to choose from. The Buddy is more simpler version which would be better suited for younger kids as It can be used purely as a GPS tracker that enables you to know where your child is at all times even while playing in your back garden. And as they get older and into their early teen years the Sidekick offers an amazing substitute for an actual Iphone. We live in a world where young kids and teens are given Smart Phones far too young – Tiny Track allows kids to keep in touch with their parents and a select group of friends in a safe way. Why do kids need access to internet at this age where there is no parental supervision?

All in all, I give this product a big thumbs up. While some people may try to find angles to criticise this piece of equipment I can’t help but feel relieved and happy to know there are people out there looking for ways to protect our children. Simply put, like everything in life there are no guarantees – there may be certain situations where Tiny Track watches may not offer 100% security and protection –  but they are certainly very close and on point with offering parents all around the world the one thing we so desperately desire – peace of mind.


  • * TinyTrack devices sport a handy 3.7V 400mA rechargeable battery that can provide up to 72 hours of usage.
  • * Both products in the TinyTrack range – Sidekick and Buddy – require a 3G Micro Sim card loaded with data and voice before operation.
  • * TinyTrack Sidekick is available in Black, Blue and Pink and is also equipped with touchscreen capabilities. Sidekick is priced at R1,999.
  • * TinyTrack Buddy is available in Blue and Pink and is priced at R1,299.
  • * Both TinyTrack devices are splashproof only.
  • * TinyTrack Sidekick and Buddy are currently available at and as well as DionWired, Incredible Connection, Cellucity, Chatz and hiStores.

Come check out our Instagram video of Noah using his Tiny Track watch to call his dad and let me know your thoughts on a gadget like this!

*This post was sponsored by Tiny Track however all thoughts are my own and all feedback is genuine and honest.



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