So I’m not sure if it’s the constant need to always be doing something or just trying to torture myself with adding more to my already full plate, but I have started to dabble in a little bit of design. *Snort snort.

Now it must be said that I’m no fancy graphic designer of any sort but it’s something I’m enjoying figuring out and finding it to be quite a therapeutic way of exploring a little bit more of my creative side. Between you and I, I didnt really know I had one – despite the fact that I did an intense year of graphic design after I left school!

It all started off with creating a digital invitation for my 5-year-old and once that task was completed I was itching to start another. Which got me thinking… Maybe there were moms who would make use of my services to create digital invites for THEIR kids parties? As it turns out there were!

I would love to be of service to you, if you trust me enough obviously! So please don’t hesitate to contact me for a quote. The standard price for a basic invite is R200 but I’m happy to work within your budget.  I have also designed a few logos and blog graphics so I’m happy to give that a go too. Please pass this on to any friends you think may be interested.

Here are some basic examples of what it is I can do for you!

woodyMeg is turning 7!

Pepa pig

If your kids party is coming up, let me take care of the invites for you! Email me at or comment on the post with yours!

Thanks for the support mama’s!




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