What Happens When Mamas Get Sick?

I should have known it was all a little too good to be true. I even had that smug feeling that we had made it through the entire 7 week holiday bug-free and fairly unscathed (besides the one or two times my kids were so far up in my grill I had to call the...

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At Home In Robertson

About 14 months ago, my parents came back after one of their many visits to Robertson with the news that they had seen a house that they wanted to buy. My immediate thought, I won't lie, was why Robertson? I mean I had loved our visits to the beautiful little town...

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Here’s To The Next 365 Days ….

Pic courtesy of Angela Rea at our Sunshine Journey. It's 2018. Just like that one year comes to an end and another begins. Last year, this time I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of our little girl. Well, I say eagerly awaiting but I was still 6 months away from...

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Hi I’m Leigh, Mom to two of the cutest boy creatures alive! On this space you will find snippets of our life in Cape Town and the many facets that make up our parenting journey. From great food, kids decor, fashion, helpful tips and insightful articles, I hope you will be freshly inspired to live a healthy, fun and creative life! Come and join us on our adventures as we navigate the road of motherhood together.




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