What a big task this has been guys!! I really wish with all my heart that everyone could be a winner or at the very least, walk away with something! But as with life and competitions like this there can only be one winner. That’s what makes it such a great prize right?  I’ve sorted through every entry ensuring those with  bonus entries were counted again and that the numbers drawn had indeed followed every step. The sad thing is that although the comp was shared over 3.2 k times and tagged 1.2k times, only 485 people completed the last step of commenting on the blog post 🙁 So really there were only 485 entries. OH WELL!!! Good on you guys for reading the steps properly!!

And it was lucky number 144 that came out tops. So here we have it, the WINNER of our Master Bedroom Makeover is ………..


Please show this deserving lady how happy we are for her to have won this awesome prize. As sad as it may be for you to have missed out, think about how stoked this mama is going to be in her new room! Spread the love and joy and remember there will be LOADS more competitions like this coming soon! Bathroom Makeovers, Dining room/entertainment makeovers, Kitchen makeovers!! It’s all happening!

CONGRATS Bianca on winning with all these amazing sponsors, we will be in touch with you shortly!!! ♥

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