There are certain feelings you can’t quite describe in this life. Feelings where words do no justice. The feeling of cold water on your face after a hot day, the feeling of slipping into a gown and sitting in front of a crackling fire after being caught in a hail storm, the feeling of someone massaging your aching muscles after a tiresome week, the sensation of popping a block of milk chocolate on your mouth and feeling it melt on your tongue.

Or what about the feeling you get when you dive into the ocean and taste the sea salt on your lips or lying on the grass in the sunshine looking up at the clouds. All these feelings of comfort, that bring with it a feeling of indulgence and deep satisfaction.

Well, this is how I felt a year ago when I put on a pair of Karoo Baba slippers for the first time. I slid them onto my feet and in a single moment it felt like my feet were being engulfed in a big hug. It was the start of winter and my cold feet welcomed the warmth they brought. Without sounding dramatic, they were the most comfortable and cozy things I had ever put on my feet.  It was love at first ….. feel and within weeks I was so addicted to them that I only took them off If I absolutely had to.

I even became so protective over them that the first time the kids spilled something on them, I lost my shit in such a big way, my neighbours thought I had gone onto labour. They became the best part of my day as I waited the final stretch for Hunter to arrive. My 8 month pregnant (And sore) body and feet craved the feeling of comfort they would give me and the warmth they brought.

And guys, they are still the best part of my day…. I put them on the second I get out of bed in the morning, the second I have finished my shower and I only change it to real shoes at the very last minute before leaving the house. And yes, I dream all day of getting my feet back into them as soon as I walk in the door. Truth is I wear them to bed and only kick them off once I’ve heated the bed up!

Karoo Baba is a small business that sells only the very best quality sheepskins and sheepskin products. 

Company founder Michéle Kapilevich grew up on a farm in the Eastern Cape, where she grew to love sheepskins.
In 2003 she moved to Cape Town and began to source them for friends and family. About a year ago she noticed the Nordic trend taking of and sheepskins being used not only as she had been using them – for her babies to play and sleep on – but as an attractive item to add luxury and texture to any room of your home.

Because that’s the luxury of slippers like this.. they are so luxuriously soft and mould to your feet in a way that makes them feel like socks. In my opinion they are a winter necessity that everyone needs in their lives!

If I’ve managed to convince you that you can t cope another day without having a pair of Karoo Baba slippers in your life, the good news is that if you live Cape Town, you can head to the Made In The Cape Market at Cavendish today and for the rest of the weekend. There you will also find a selection of their gorgeous rugs in the most exquisite colours. These sheepskins are so perfect for your home and can be used for babies, animals and even on beds!

⇑ They are amazing in just about any corner of your home!!!

⇑ How gorgeous are these baby slippers too???

I have great news… We are giving a pair away of these awesome babies today! Entering is super easy! Heres what you’re going to have to do: 

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  2. Tag two friends in the comments of the Facebook thread.
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And that’s  it!!

You may also be interested to know that Karoo Baba have a stall at The made In the Cape Market at Cavendish this weekend 5th -8th July!! Hurry down to check them out!!

Terms and Conditions 

  • All three steps need to be followed in order to qualify for the prize.
  • Winner is selected via and my decision is final.
  • Prize cannot be sold or redeemed for cash.
  • Competition will run until Friday 13th July.
  • This prize is open to Cape Town residents unless courier fee is paid at your expense.
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