There are many things I have come to accept about my physical self over the years – like the fact that I will never, no matter how hard I try have a flat tummy. And let’s be honest, the tiniest chance of that ever happening, blew up in smoke when I had babies make their home in there for two 9 month stretches (Pun intended). Then there’s the fact that my shoulders are so broad, I could  quite easily make the American Football team – something that really used to bother me, but something I’ve gradually made peace with. I guess, after one to many fights with my mom and God who, between the two of them I feel share responsibility when it comes to my genetic make up, I have accepted my fate as broad shouldered betty with a lumpy tummy.

But the one thing I haven’t really been able to come to terms with is that I have the shortest eyelashes on the planet. In fact you could say they are almost non-existent. I’m basically a mole.

I have never even really bothered with mascara too much , because even the best of the best didn’t make too much of a difference on me. I can’t blame the mascara, it’s literally like trying to cut a newborn’s finger nails. NEAR IMPOSSIBLE! My frustration only grew when two years ago I booked myself in for eyelash extensions at a popular Nail bar (that may or may not have a connection with ice cream), where I walked away with an eye infection. Well, a stye to be precise. The whole process was horrible and after sitting through 2 hours, I walked out feeling like my eyes were on fire and like I had glue in them. They felt hard and would pull if I blinked too hard. When a stye started appearing after 3 days, I had them taken off. And that was that – I was forced to make peace with my little hair stump excuse for eyelashes. All over again, I became mole lady.

Fast forward two years and I found myself back on the bed, only this time at my favourite Rouge Day Spa where I was treated to their their NEW Russian Volume Lashes to review. I was a little hesitant I have to admit, but I knew I was in good hands. I enjoyed a lovely “lash nap” while Coco worked her magic. Towards the end I kept waiting for the burning sensation when she rinsed my eyes. When I asked her, she sounded confused and told me, that never should have happened the first time! ( go figure!) And when I looked in the mirror I could hardly believe my eyes! Eyes that had never looked so full of beautiful long lashes in all their little life!

Here’s what I love about them them the most:

* They are VOLUME lashes which means, because they use three lashes per follicle, they are super thick!
*They have a gorgeous curl – instead of some eyelash extensions which can be quite straight, theses are perfectly curled at the ends, making them super sexy!
*They have a slight dark grey blue hue to them – especially in the first week! My husband of all people noticed and we both agreed it made them super edgy!
*They are so so soft and silky. I literally cannot feel like there is anything on my eyelids, making them super natural!
*They don’t require any mascara or high maintenance during the first few weeks. Besides filling at 2-3 week intervals they are super low maintenance!

Now here’s the interesting part – They say you will probably need to fill every 2-3 weeks depending on how easily you shed the ashes. For the first week, I didn’t notice any thinning or major shedding. By the second week, every few days I would notice one  or tow eyelashes fall out. And by week three, even though some had fallen out, they did so, very evenly and so they still looked great. They still gave my short eyelashes length and I made it to almost 4 weeks before I had them filled.

Here are some pics… I think they speak for themselves! 🙂


Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

This is me before – even with mascara on!

eyelash extensions

Incase you didn’t believe me!


And here’s what they looked like afterwards…

eyelash extensions

Can you handle??

eyelash extensions

They have literally changed my life!

Just to be perfectly clear – I will never go anywhere else to have mine done and I will never be seen without them from here on out! If I did I would risk looking like this…..


So heres here’s the REALLY exciting news! I, together with Rouge Day Spa are giving away a set of these gorgeous Russian Volume lashes which are valued at R750! Perfect if you have a special occasion coming up or, I like me you are just so sick and tired of looking like the this green guy.

Here’s what you need to do!

  1. Comment bellow with your name and why you would like to to try them!
  2. Share the post on Facebook and tag two friends who live in the Western Cape
  3. For a a bonus entry, subscribe to The Mom Diaries by filling in your details on the sidebar of this page. (linked)

T’s and C’s

  1. Follow all the steps in order to qualify for the prize. (3rd step is only a bonus)
  2. You must reside in the Western Cape in order to qualify for the prize – or be Cape Town to make use of it.
  3. Winner is chosen via and my decision is final.
  4. The Mom Diaries cannot be help responsible for any losses, damages whatsoever and making use of this will be at your own risk.
  5. The closing date for this competition is Wednesday 5th October.

GOOD LUCK!!! xxxx


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