There’s a certain type of victory a mom experiences when she dusts her hands off of  years of nappy changing duties. When your child learns to go “potty” by himself and your weeks (or sometimes months) of potty training have finally paid off it’s impossible not feel a particular kind of triumph rise up in you – NO MORE POOP!!  Or maybe it’s just  the fact that you can now actually look at spending that 600 odd Rond on  yourself at the end of every month.

Either way, you are not alone if you find yourself wanting to  high-five anyone in a ten mile radius on the day of triumph. The day when they manage to control their bowels for long enough to make the trip in the car to swimming and actually tell you they need to go rather than just relieving themselves wherever they feel like it. Oh the sweet memories. 

predo baby

So it’s all rather strange that I still find myself intrigued by nappies and in particular a new brand that has hit our very own South African shelves. Maybe it’s  the” brand comparer” in me who really feels the need to find the answers to  the questions floating around in my head when it comes to nappies. (Why do I have to change my baby so often with this one? Why are these better for boys? Has my child outgrown this size? Which is better for night time? You get the picture)  Or maybe it’s just my subconscious working its way out – that I will, in the not-so-distant future, be faced with the task of choosing a nappy that will be good for my baby and offer me everything a I require a nappy to do. Heck, who am I kidding? My subconscious? I couldn’t say it more clearer if I spelt it out for everyone. I WANT ANOTHER BABY. Yes, even if that means returning to Nappyville for a couple of years. (*She says biting her knuckles)

Some of you may have seen or heard of the brand PREDO BABY that is new to our shores. For those who haven’t, here’s a little bit more about this nappy brand that seems to be hot on every new South African moms lips right now.

* It is an internationally acclaimed brand in over 20 countries. (I like this because it shows it’s a reputable and well-trusted brand)

* They are manufactured under strict supervision at an ISO certified, world class facility in Turkey. (We can rest assured knowing they are packaged safely and securely)

* It offer an elastic band for snug fit for babies mobility without restriction – This allows baby to take his first steps without restriction. ( I hate thinking my baby is being limited by his nappy!)
* It has a textile (Not plastic back sheet) which allows airflow and comfort. It is also fully bio- degradable and disintegrates quickly. (So good to know we are not killing out beautiful planet with more non- degradable crap!)
* It has cottony soft breathable fabric. (The softer the better right? We want to protect their little  tushes for as ling as possible don’t we?)
* It has fast absorbing leak barriers which does not allow the nappy to sag. (Who doesn’t HATE a saggy nappy!?)
* It has revolutionary soft dry touch liner that absorbs wetness in seconds and leaves your baby dry and comfortable. (Um, yes please!!)
* It has an hypoallergenic baby moisturising cream that protects babies skin and gives them that super fresh baby smell all day long! (not many nappies offer this and it shows they are really taking it a step further by protecting sensitive skin!)
* PREDO BABY allows you cut down on nappy changes – which saves you time and money! (Can I get a “HELL yeah!”)
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You can read more by visiting their website!
PREDO BABY would like to give away a month’s supply of nappies to a mommy who would like to test them out! How rad? That’s three jumbo packets of nappies to one lucky reader! How do you win?
 To win all you have to do is: 
 1. Tag 2 friends on the Facebook thread
2. Comment below which the age of your baby or toddler
3. Show PREDO BABY some love on Facebook – after all they are offering this insane prize!
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 T’s & C’s
 1. This competition will close on Friday 5th August at Midday.
2. The winner has to follow all three steps in order to qualify for the prize. The 4th step is not compulsory, however it will earn you an extra entry.
3. Winner will be chosen randomly via
4. My decision is final and the product is received and used at the person’s own risk.
5. The Mom Diaries will not be held accountable for any losses or damages whatsoever.
I would love some feedback from moms who have tried these nappies too. Good luck to all those entering! 🙂
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