The majority of new moms are pretty open about the fact they hope to able to breastfeed. While some may choose to go the formula route from day one (for their own good reason), most woman want to try breastfeeding for at least the first 3 months. Whether it’s for bonding purposes, the health benefits that come with breastfeeding or just wanting to know they tried, most women will choose to breastfeed their babies to some extent or another.

For the moms who are unable to breastfeed due to unforeseen issues like a low milk supply or having to return to work earlier than expected, we realise you are doing whats in the best interest for your child so this is not a post to make you feel guilty. We all do whats best for our situations.

But for those who have chosen to breastfeed their babies and are blessed with an abundant milk supply, a good amount of maternity leave and a baby who latches and drinks well, there are so many things that can assist you on your breastfeeding journey.

I for one struggled tremendously with my first-born and suffered with bleeding and  cracked nipples for the first two months. Soon after realising there were lactation specialists to help with correcting my babies latch, as well as discovering my wonderful breast pump, I began to look after my boobs well enough to allow them to heal and was able to continue on an 18 month road of exclusively breastfeeding my child. (And eventually my second born too)

Now let me tell you, It was touch and go at one point. I can remember thinking to myself “My vagina is still sore from giving birth, I’m tired because I haven’t slept in days and my nipples are bleeding and in agony. Why on earth do I want to carry on with this?” I can remember wanting to throw in the towel and resort to formula, and while it would have been ok to do that, I’m glad i didn’t.

I’m glad I met with an expert who showed me how to feed my baby properly and educate me on all things boobs and baby!

I have highlighted some of the benefits of having a breast pump, things that my Medela pump offered me in my breastfeeding journey.

  1. Being able to give sore, cracked and bleeding nipples a break – I began to express in between feeds, long enough so that my nipples could have a break. I used a nipple cream and expressed. Knowing I was still giving my baby breast milk and keeping my milk supply up was a comforting thought. Before i knew it, my nipples were as good as new and I had established a perfect breastfeeding routine.
  2. Being able to express for middle of the night feeds. Allowing my husband to do the 2am feed so I could get a solid 5 hours was a real life changer!
  3. Being able to express for when I need to get out the house for longer than 2 hours. When I was finally comfortable with leaving my newborn at home to get out for a bit, it offered me such freedom knowing I could leave a bottle of expressed milk for my mom/husband/nanny to feed our baby so I didn’t have to rush home. I realised how important it was as a new mom to slowly start gaining back my independence, separate from the baby who lived inside me for 9 months. My mental health benefited from it hugely, having those few hours to myself. So often its a case of “I just want my body back  for a day” that prompts moms to throw in the towel. Taking time out made me a better mom.
  4. Being able to express milk for when I stared my baby on solids. For most rice cereals and even the veggies I first introduced my son to I would use expressed milk to mix with his food. Instead of diluting the nutritional value of his meals, I made sure I added to them by using my milk I stored in the freezer.
  5. Being able to stimulate my milk supply at times as well as relieve small amounts when my boobs became to full. Most of us will know that this can be a vicious cycle because the more you pump the more milk you create, but in the early days, my boobs would be rock hard with milk and the only way to soften them so my baby could latch, was to relieve them a little with a pump first. Any woman who has had engorged boobs will tell you a pump is what saves them. And that it did for me.

Michelle Pitt from Johannesburg also credits her amazing breast-feeding experience to her Medela Freestyle Pump.

“I am a mom to Hayden. He is now 11 months old. He is my first and the most happy little boy. He honestly keeps me grounded. When ever I am having a tough day his giggle turns it around in a matter on seconds. Feel very blessed!!!!! My breastfeeding journey is coming to an end but would never have coped without my lactation consultant ( Linda Brits is s legend) and my Medela Freestyle pump. It honestly made such a difference in my life. The brand is very special to me as it is my husband’s business ( I do their social media and marketing from home so I get tons of time with my boy). Since joining this exclusive club of being a mom, Medela has personally built my confidence and made such an impact on my life.”

Medela is a global producer of the most technologically advanced breastpumps available today. Breastpumps & Beyond is the official importer and distributor of Medela breast-feeding products in Southern Africa. There isn’t a breastpump available that can’t satisfy every mother’s needs. That’s why Medela make a range of pumps so that you can choose the right pump for you. For more information on their products and services go check out their website Breastpumps and Beyond.

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Good luck Mama’s!!



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