Could it be that I’ve been hiding under a rock all this time? Because only recently was I introduced to the amazing brand that is Wolf and Maiden! Walking into their studio a few weeks ago, I was amazed to discover a whole range of incredible quality leather goods made from scratch, by hand! Run from a beautiful old church-style building in Woodstock, I fell in love with everything about the brand and their organic, authentic and very distinctive style.

The very first feeling you get as you walk through their interesting doors is that they are so much more than just a leather business. Wolf and Maiden are a lifestyle, a way of life, a reflection of people’s personal taste, offering an array of items that will no doubt become something of a treasured keepsake to many.

During my tour of their premises, I was welcomed straight away by smiley-faced artisans, all hard at work behind the long stretch of glass. Seeing all their beautiful work on display as you enter and then being able to see how they make these leather goods, allows you to make a deeper connection to the craftsmanship that is invested in each product. I loved seeing the process each item goes through before it’s ready to be displayed on a shelf or taken to a market and eventually, find a home.


Wolf & Maiden Creative Studio began as a nugget of divine inspiration in the curious mind of Wade Ross Skinner in early 2011, following a chance encounter on his travels in India. Twice, on opposite ends of this sprawling subcontinent, he crossed paths with the same mysterious French leathersmith. Twice, he assisted the man with food and shelter. In return, The Frenchman fashioned him an intricate leather tobacco pouch with an almost mystical reverie. Reflecting on the serendipity of this unexpected rendezvous upon his return to Cape Town, Wade began to teach himself the art of leathercraft. One proverbial thing led to another, and soon demand had swelled beyond the confines of organic weekend market pageantry and spilled into the glittering aisles of international exposure. Armed with an ethos of sustainable elegance and a passion-charged penchant for timeless beauty, Wolf & Maiden is the future of legacies past…

I was given the opportunity to choose a BEAUTIFUL Madre Sling bag for myself and after much deliberation I went with the black! It was a hard choice because it also comes in a rich tan colour which is just as stunning! The Rock ‘n Roller in me decided the black with gold detail was different to what I already had and went more with my general style. I wear so much black and grey that this was definitely the best choice for me!

The Madre is essentially a baby/nappy bag, but in my opinion so much more! I feel it would be better used for long days out or for weekends away. It makes for the PERFECT travel bag, one that can be used with ease on an aeroplane and stored away as hand-luggage. It’s great for when your baby is still young enough where you are required to take lots of necessities with you on your daily excursions. Because let’s face it, in those early months, it can feel like we are packing everything but the kitchen sink. The Madre has ample room for blankets, extra clothes, nappies, wipes, food, dummies, bottles and all the other paraphernalia needed for a baby on the go!

Of course what makes this bag more than a simple baby bag, is its style and versatility! This means that it’s the kind of bag I will be using long ofter the baby years! I’m no fashion icon or anything but there’s something about this bag that screams timeless style and effortless taste.

Of course this is what will make the big difference when deciding to invest as much as 8k in a leather bag such as this. I would like to think that there are still people out there who see this as a worthwhile investment, something that you will get many many years of use out of and possibly even pass it on to your own children one day. I like to think that its the kind of bag that I will hand over to Hunter when she becomes a mom, something that will stay in our family and have many beautiful stories to tell.

I realise that a bag like this comes with a pretty hefty price tag and not everyone, no matter how much you feel the price is justified, can afford such a luxury. So today I’m presenting you with the chance to WIN a Madre of your choice valued at R8280!

Here’s what you’re going to have to do to enter: ONLY THREE SIMPLE STEPS!!

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*For more information and to keep up to date with all you need to know about new products being launched you can go check out their website. They have everything from toiletry bags to belts and wallets to every style of bag imaginable. Something for both men and women! ♥


  • Winner need to follow all required steps in order to qualify for the prize.
  • Winner will be chosen via and my decision is final.
  • Prize CANNOT be sold or redeemed for cash.
  • Competition will run until Tuesday 5th June. Winner announced soon after.
  • Once the winner has selected their colour, the prize will be sent to them directly.
  • The Mom Diaries accepts no responsibility for damages and issues of any kind whatsoever.


IMAGES : Angela Rea Photography 



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