I love my kids, but man alive they can drive me nuts! Most of you know all about it right? I mean it’s the most rewarding and incredible job in the world but sometimes you just need to get away from it all.

Today I decided to do just that and head to Rouge Day Spa for a morning of pampering! I realise this is a luxury not everyone can afford so I’m sitting here with a heart full of gratitude and counting my blessings as the lovely Phumie takes care of my hands and feet. Seriously ladies, this woman is just too incredible for words.

rouge 2

My partnership with Rouge day Spa is a very authentic and real one. I don’t write about them because they pay me to ( to be clear they don’t!!), nor would I ever endorse or recommend a place or product to my readers because it’s free. You have my word that I would never do that. EVER.

As blogger people can assume this is the case, therefore my opinions and reviews could come across biased and one-sided. I would hate my readers to think that was the case here!

I have been coming to Rouge Day Spa for close to 2 years now and I can honestly say they are one of the best spas I have ever some by. In fact, without naming and shaming, I went to another Spa in Cape Town 2 weeks ago (one that you would think is top of the game) and was bitterly disappointed with the atmosphere and service. While it would have been hard to complain about anything while I was having my body rubbed, in hind sight it was not the most amazing experience one would think it should have been. I will not recommend that spa. Nor would I recommend Rouge Day Spa to anyone if it wasn’t something I felt was worth sharing and something I feel passionate about.

So whats the biggest difference you ask?

The biggest difference would have to be the fact that you are feel so welcome stepping into Rouge. They maintain a wonderful professional relationship while still making you feel like you are part of the Rouge family. Lindsay, the spas owner is down to earth and passionate about her work and her clients. It’s truly a wonderful experience from the moment you set foot in the door. I have yet to experience anything short of amazing.

I Really cannot punt Phunie enough!! While I had my eyebrows shaped and tinted she gave me a mini head massage that has changed my life. In fact I’m coming back next month for the whole toot! She can just have ALL my money! Besides her very gifted hands she is the biggest honey you will ever meet! I think I told her I loved her during my head massage just now! 🙂

I’ve just gone ahead and booked to spoil the moms in my life for mother’s day. I’m doing the chick flick package which includes a movie in front of the fire, a glass of bubbles, popcorn and a choice of an express Mani/Pedi. How luxurious does that sound hey? This package is currently going for R250 per person! How insane?

rouge 3

There are so many other amazing packages and treatments. Please go and have a look on their website. Also look out for some give aways in the next little while ok?




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