I will not be envious. I will not be envious. I will not be envious.

I will not think bad thoughts. I will not think bad thoughts. I will not think bad thoughts.

I will not murder him on his return. I will not murder him on his return. I…..WILL…..NOT….MURDER…..HIM…….

Jeez Leigh what’s up with all the angst and bitterness and twisted resentment?

I’m so glad you’ve asked.

Well some of you may know I have a husband who travels fairly regularly – It’s kinda always been that way (I even wrote this post – How to survive a travelling husband without losing your shit) and for the most part, as sucky as it can be at times, I’ve sucked it up because well, it’s his job and we need it to survive and pay for the endless bills that we wrack up doing life together with a growing family. I think I’ve always been more than understanding because I’ve reminded myself daily how blessed we are to have jobs and also because, well he’s the breadwinner. You see he does his job (and all the fifty other side projects) so that I don’t have to work a job I hate. So although his job may comes with its downside of regular overseas trips I have embraced it because it means I can be home with my kids and concentrate on my blog and doing what I love.

BUT, and yes, there’s a big BUT here – I’m feeling a little peed off right now. You see, my dear hubs only just arrived back from an 8-day trip to the States and then last night we kissed him goodbye again after only two days of him being home. Now, I wouldn’t usually care so much except, I’m PREGNANT and feeling sorry for my aching body growing daily to accommodate this little person growing inside me and It’s EASTER which means the kids and I are officially on our own all weekend. (Our entire extend families have gone too as luck would have it!!) I mean, I get it, it’s not the end of the world, but tell that to a pregnant woman whose feet and back hurt and whose vagina feels like it’s already preparing for all hell to break lose.

But guys do you want to know the absolute worst part of it all? The thing that is literally getting under my irritable and hormonal skin? He’s in the most magical city in the world, my favourite place of all the places we have travelled – He’s just landed in the gorgeous city of Amsterdam for four nights….. Did you hear me? AMSTERDAM!!! The place we went for the first time together in 2105, where we enjoyed so much of this city’s beauty and charm. I cant help but want to slowly suffocate the life out of him knowing he’s there – for as he likes to refer to it “part business, part pleasure.” I mean how could it ever be all business when you are in Holland? I don’t really blame the guy.

I don’t really resent him. I don’t really resent him. I don’t really resent him. I don’t really resent him eating Haagendaaz, stroopwaffels and crepes on the beautiful canals. I don’t really resent him walking the streets and hiring bicycles to adventure through town and exploring the night life. I don’t really resent him visiting gorgeous cafes and sipping beers at the quaint pubs. I don’t really resent him sleeping in big bed all to himself while I negotiate two boys in mine who want to camp out in moms room while dad’s away. Nah, I don’t resent him at all.

SO instead of torturing myself by eating all his Lindt chocolate he stupidly left behind, I’m going to to torture myself by going through old pictures of our last trip there. I don’t think I ever really shared them with you! Here are some of my favourites. Have you travelled to Amsterdam? What was your favourite part?

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