It gives me great joy to announce that my eldest son is growing up! I don’t mean that I am happy that he isn’t a baby (we all know how I feel about my children getting bigger). I mean he is growing into such a gorgeous, well-adjusted little boy. One that I am so very proud of! * Swoon *

It’s recently came to my attention that he no longer get’s cranky in the late afternoon, but instead soldiers on quite happily until its time to turn out the lights. For a long time he was in that in between stage where he wouldn’t nap unless I wanted a kid running around the house come 10 pm and a divorce come Christmas.

For what seems like forever he would reach a point in the day and out of pure exhaustion have a freak out that made Sharon Stones performance in Casino look mild. It was a guarantee that his behavior later in the day would cause a stench of some kind or another, be that a fight with a friend, a public tantrum or screaming match over something HE didn’t even have the answer to. I came to realize I would often dread the hours from 3 onwards because I just knew a meltdown would occur. I think my friends could sense my anxiety too.

While it most definitely hasn’t happened overnight I have spent the last few days watching him closely and looking back over the last year or so and realized just how far he has come.

The little boy who would cry over not being able to do something will now either figure it out on his own or calmly ask me for help.

The little boy who would snatch his toys away from an interfering brother has become a kind and gentle negotiator who is more often than not teaching Brody something or trying to exercise extreme patience.

The little boy who wouldn’t give me a second thought (for the most part) has become the most considerate little human, offering me help with taking groceries in from the car and even holding the lift open for me at the gym. I kid you not! I mean how gorgeous is that?

So last night when I was tucking him in bed I told him how proud I am of his good attitude, his loving nature and the kindness he shows towards his family.

I want him to know that I see him, that I’m proud him, that these things don’t go unnoticed. I want him to know that while I will always love him, even when he is naughty, that these things please me and bring immense joy to my tired and sometimes weary heart.

I think we often use so much energy harping on the negative without spending energy and time reaffirming it when they get it right!

For so long I thought I would have a child who would insist on going against the grain with everything I was trying to teach him and it just so happens that he was listening all along.

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