I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this here before, but my kids go to the best school EVER! Of course the main reason is that it’s such a nurturing school with the most amazing teachers, but there is an added bonus that kinda clenched the deal for us as parents : They don’t close for school holidays! (Don’t go hating now)

We all know holidays can be a pretty stressful time for parents, especially the working ones. If you can’t take off three weeks you are forced to either put them in Aftercare, entertain them at home or rope in every family member and neighbour to help. And we become far to accustomed to them sitting around and moping, often complaining they are bored or hungry, very often confusing the two. Hashtag lifewithboys.

Our situation works so well for us because we love that they get to go and play at school with their friends for part of the day (doing art, puzzles, play dough, creative play as well as have a proper cooked lunch- you know instead of sitting in front of the TV like they would do if they were at home) and still do some fun things together in the afternoons. And yes we often take them out for a few days here and there if we plan to go away or feel the need for a break together, but the reality is that often their “holiday” weeks just end up blending into their ordinary ones, instead of good ol’ mom planning  fun stuff to do!

And this is exactly what we are feeling right now – we are in desperate need of some FUN family time, just the four of us, with no distractions. Going into the second week of the holidays I’m realising how important it is for us to take time out where it’s all about them – turning off our phones and laptops and connecting with them in an intentional way.

So you can imagine my excitement when Strand Towers Hotel invited us to come in and enjoy their 5 night holiday special – a package perfectly tailored to suit a family with young kids. And of course I did what every mom who is willing to sell her kidneys in exchange for entertainment for her kids would do. I replied back with a big fat “Hell YEAH!” When you read all the activities that are available to us on the package you will know why! You will also be glad to know you won’t need to be selling any organs because well, the deal is that good!

Strand hotel

Have a look for yourself!

Ø Day pass for the Hop on hop off bus (Red route) Inclusive of :
Ø SA Museum
Ø Canal ride to the Waterfront
Ø Day pass for the Hop on hop off bus (Blue route)
Ø Purple Wine Tour
Ø World of Birds
Ø Kirstenbosch Garden Ticket
Ø Walking tour
Ø Return transfer to the Waterfront which Includes
Ø Jolly Rodger Pirate Boat OR Harbour Cruise
Ø Return transfer to Aquarium including entrance fee
Ø Cape Wheel
Ø Return transfer to Sea Point Putt Putt
Ø Return transfer to Ratanga Junction including entrance fee ( Depending on operating hours)
Ø Return transfer to Table Mountain, including entrance fee ( Depending on operating hours)

strand pool

It’s things like this that make me miss living in the city!

All this PLUS  Champagne & fresh orange juice on arrival, Accommodation & Breakfast every morning and Dinner & Bottle of house wine every evening!

Kids room available daily!!! (ONLY during school holidays)
Jumping castle, table tennis, pool table, fooz ball, video games, popcorn and sweet , weekly kids disco and crèche available daily. – Perfect for those parents who want to take the gap for a quiet drink, nap or spa treatment. (There I go again making it all about myself. FOCUS Leigh!)


This 5 day  package is currently going for ONLY R7500.00 (*Valid until 15 December 2016) and R8250.00 (*Valid from 16 December 2016 – 15 January 2017)
*The above rates are per adult, children under 5 stay free and children of 5 pay HALF PRICE! Call them directly on 021 431 7500 or email them for bookings and availability  at reservations@leisurehotels.co.za. You can also browse their website for other info.

Strand Towers Hotel bar

I’m so excited to take the boys on a little adventure even though it’s right on our door step, in our very own CBD! One of the most beautiful CBD’s in the world at that! I’m sitting here reading their report cards and I’m so proud of them for all they have accomplished at school so far this year. What a perfect way to say well done for being such awesome kids and honouring them for their patience during the crazy seasons.

Watch this space for a report back of everything we get up to. If you are keen to witness us experiencing all the fun to see if it’s something you would be keen to do follow me on Instagram where we will take you on our journey all weekend through!


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