It’s said that as mothers we really have so many duties to fulfil. We are chefs, entertainers,  play date managers, school taxis, cleaners, storytellers and boo-boo kissers  to name but a few! We also have the enormous responsibility of looking after their general health and well-being.

Most of the time we do a great job at this last one – we take our kids for their shots on time (Let’s not open that can of worms, but shift our focus to a different type of worm for a moment) –  and watch their symptoms closely when they are sick. We learn to trust our instincts and when we don’t see any improvement we take them to see a professional doctor. We do this because we worry about our children and want to eliminate the chance of anything happening to them, no matter how big or small. We do this because we have this innate need built in us to protect them from things that are often out of their control.

It’s a real surprise then to realise that not many mothers know how important it is to deworm their children. It’s even more shocking to hear that many moms haven’t or simply choose not to. Perhaps some don’t see it as a real threat or realise just what a danger it can pose.

My husband and I started joking a short while ago  that our eldest must have worms. He was eating like there was no tomorrow and was (and still is) possibly one of the smallest 5 year olds around. He was CONSTANTLY hungry but no matter how much he ate the scale barely budged. So we did what most parents do and googled ‘Intestinal Worms’ to find out more about what we could possibly be facing. As horrific and scary as it sounded, the worst thing would be to have ignored it. And the better thing would be to play it safe. So the next day I stopped at the pharmacy and got us all a course of Vermox. Yes, all four of us.

Here’s some great information about Vermox that you may like to know:

• Vermox® is South Africa’s No. 1 deworming solution

• It is known to kill most common types of worms Pinworm, Whipworm, Hookworm, Large roundworm, Threadworm and Tapeworm

• Vermox® can be used for children aged 1 and up, as well as the whole family.

• It is available in a convenient single dose; multi-dose tablets and pleasant flavoured chocolate and banana flavoured suspensions for younger children.


As it turns out loss of appetite is actually more concerning and him eating shouldn’t really have sparked any real concern but I’m glad we did it anyway. Knowing what I do now about the severity of untreated worms  allows me to rest assured knowing we have eliminated the chances. Chances which are in actual fact very high. Do you know that  research shows that as many as 1 out of 2 children may be affected by worms? This is largely due to their close social interaction and less attention to hygiene (like washing hands), which all contribute to worm infection and its rapid transfer.

Here are some of the symptoms that you really should look out for: Peri-anal itching, fatigue, loss of appetite, constipation, weight loss and diarrhea. Untreated worms can have very serious effects on health and can be linked to attention deficits and learning disabilities.

I don’t know about you but I would rather be safe than sorry and with Vermox’s easily administered meds for kids, it’s really a no brainer. My kids loved theirs! Which reminds me, we last took our single dose courses just over 6 months ago, which means we are due for our next one! Knowing how easy things went down (literally) the last time, I have no fear!

Do you deworm your kids? How often? Tell me  some stories!




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