When travelling anywhere locally, my first option if I’m not driving is to request an Uber! If you are like meant safety and affordability are always a priority, you might then be very happy to know that Uber has enhanced its features to offer safe, reliable and affordable travel. For me, SAFETY is probably the thing that stands out most among their new amazing features. As a woman in South Africa, it’s vital I feel safe should I wish to make use of a car service and so I thought I would highlight these features and hopefully put your mind at ease too! 

●  In-App Emergency Button: With the push of a button in the app, users can connect directly to private emergency services and security response when needed through a third-party private security supplier – How great is that for peace of mind?
●  Background Checks: Before a driver can use the Uber app they need to go through an on-boarding process which includes a background check
●  Trusted Contacts: Riders can designate up to five friends and family members as Trusted Contacts to be prompted to share trip details with them during every ride or night-time trips.
●  Check your ride: To help verify they are getting into the right car, riders have a view of the driver’s information including photo, license plate, and car make/model.
●  Driver screenings: Uber’s driver screening is conducted by a third-party professional who leads the industry across SSA.
●  Trip Anonymization: There’s no need to share your contact information – calls and messages sent through the app don’t use your personal number.
●  Ride check: Uber has been developing technology that harnesses the power of GPS, along with other sensors from the driver’s smartphone, to identify rare events like unexpected stops or possible crashes. In these situations, Uber can initiate a Ride Check by reaching out to both the rider and the driver to offer assistance.
Verify My Ride: A feature that feature provides riders with the option to receive a four-digit PIN code to provide to their driver before starting a trip.

I really love that Uber have gone above and beyond with regards to the safety of their customers and I know it really does give me the peace of mind to travel via Uber, especially if I am travelling alone. It’s also the most affordable option available, including Uber Go, the best priced mobility option for all South Africans, with trips starting from just R20.

I am also happy to report that Uber is Covid Compliant from start to finish. It is mandatory for your driver to be wearing their mask at all times,  they offer  no-contact payment options and follow appropriate seating structures. And to ensure all this is 100% regulated, you can leave a report post trip. 

Safety and hygiene feedback: Riders and drivers will be asked to leave feedback in the app regarding safety and hygiene. Feedback is a critical part of users’ experience. If drivers feel unsafe during the trip because the riders were not wearing a mask or because they removed the mask at any point during the trip, the driver will be able to report the situation by using the feedback tag ‘No face cover or mask’. The feedback received through these tags will be considered in accordance with Uber’s Mandatory Face Mask Standard.

So there you have it guys, some incredible safety features that are all controlled by YOU! I tested it out this last week and I’m so happy to report that I had the most incredible Uber experience yet. My Uber driver was just the raddest guy and he made me feel at ease with his professionalism but was also so warm and friendly. He wore a mask the whole trip and even let me stop to take some pics! What a legend. 🙂

I love it that our city seems to be coming out of an 18th month lockdown hibernation and that we are doing more. We’ve booked dinner in the city with my parents tonight and I’m sure you can guess who will be driving us. Because now that we are being served wine in restaurants again, it’s always better to not drink and drive, no matter how fine you think you are. I feel like I could jump with excitement at the thought of being driven to drinks and dinner and letting my hair down a bit. Gosh it really feels a bit like the good old days!

Would love to know your recent experiences with Uber or how you would feel about traveling via Uber now with their new features? Please comment below.

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