It’s World teachers day  and I don’t know about you guys, but I think they all need a standing ovation considering the challenges of the last 20 months! They have had to think out the box and roll with the punches at every turn. It’s been a challenging time for them to say the least. 

I really believe it takes someone truly remarkable to take on this role, teaching is a true calling! 

One of my first ever teachers, Mrs Jordaan, was one of my all-time favourites, and I remember so vividly her love for her kids and how she would do just about anything to see us grow and learn. She was so patient and kind and always believed in me. I guess you could say she instilled in me a belief in myself too. 

Fast-forward to today and I love hearing my own kids talk about their teachers with such fondness and admiration. As most of you will know our kids all started at their new schools for term 3 and it’s been incredible to see them transition so wonderfully into their new environments. Hunter started school recently for the first time and what I thought was going to be a really hard transition has been the most wonderful and easy experience. All thanks to her very special teacher who has loved her and given her the confidence to spread her wings and SHINE! 

And the boy’s teachers have said it’s been like they have been there since the start of the year, which goes to show how comfortable, accepted and secure they feel in their new classrooms. They have not only been amazing teachers to my boys, but carried us through as parents and shown an incredible amount of support. 

With all the time teachers put into caring for our kids we would like to give back some of that time to them in the form of an Uber Eats voucher. ‘Cos let’s face it, they could do with some spoiling of a night free of cooking and grocery shopping! 


Every teacher deserves a spoil, and what better way to do that than through ordering a good book, their favourite chocolate, or snacks  to enjoy after a long day, all via the app! With Uber Eats, there are endless options to select from, however, my firm favourite is the local grocer I’m able to order from.  

Nothing beats a home-cooked meal, so with the app, I simply add all of my needed ingredients for the evening, and it’s delivered right to my door with no contact! ! If my day gets a bit busy, I can schedule my delivery up to 7 days in advance!  

Together with Uber Eats, I am inviting you to nominate your favourite teacher by telling us a story, memory, life lesson, embarrassing moment, ANYTHING! Just check out our Instagram post to enter and they could be in line to WIN a R1000 Uber Eats voucher! 

#ubereatsgetsit #worldteachersday 

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