As third time round parents-to-be there are certain things we know are inevitable! There are certain things we know we need to be prepared for! One of those ‘inevitables’ are the need for great quality nappies – and finding ones that works for our baby.

Last year when my youngest was still in nappies (Ok he still occasionally wears a nappy at night!!) I was sent some Predo Baby nappies for him to try out and they proved to be incredibly soft, much thinner than other nappies I had been using and of a very high quality. As a Premium nappy brand I was surprised I hadn’t heard of them before, but soon discovered they were quite new to our shores. After a little research i discovered that Predo Baby are in fact recognised as PREMIUM nappy brand in 20 countries world-wide. Impressive right?

So we decided to keep using them and were amazed to find that they were just as good as any other nappy we had used in the past, if not better! The best part was that we had NO leaks or rashes which is a big thing considering our youngest was a bed wetter of note! (He leaked through so may nappies since he was born) This made me realise that Predo Baby was a nappy of incredibly high quality, one that delivered on it’s promises and one that moms were gong to want to hear about. Ones we were going to want to stick around!

Why I’ve chosen Predo Baby to take care of my baby’s nappy needs this time round…

Besides the fact that I’m trusting Predo to allow for longer stretches at night, I’m super impressed with all that they stand for from a manufacturing point of view and the fact that they are fully bio-degradable. They are also very affordable coming in at only R130 for a pack of 60! That’s cheaper than the other premium brands out there and enough to make you want to try these right?

Add to that the fact that they offer the following :

While they are not available in big supermarkets like Pick ‘n Pay and Checkers yet, I LOVE that you can order them online at just the click of a button. They are also available here ——->


Greendot baby

Continental Cash and Carry

Medi Care pharmacy- Laudium

Kismet Pharmacy- Laudium

Rana Supermarket- Pretoria

Ad Deed Cash and Carry- Pretoria



Arrow Cash and Carry

Checkmart Supermarkets

Smart Cosmetics

Babys World

Supersave Supermarket

Golden Sun Supermarket

Take n Pay Supermarkets

My Baby World- Port Shepstone

Bassas Wholesalers and Supermarket

Foodzone Ballito


I know that as a brand that has only been available in our country for 2 years now, Predo Baby are already creating a reputation for quality and durability as well as offering moms the peace of mind we all so desperately need when it comes to looking after our babies skin and well- being.

This is my little girl we are talking about after all, and I won’t mess around when it comes to looking after her in every way I can. I have faith that with Predo Baby she’s going to be in very good hands!

Have you tried Predo Baby? Would you like to see them stocked at our local supermarkets?

And they now also come in size 5’s!!!

Have you tried them? ♥


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