To the man who owns my heart……. My B-BOy….

There has not been a single day since I met you that I haven’t felt loved, supported and looked after. Not a single moment in time where I haven’t felt you in my corner, just close enough to know you have my back in every circumstance life has thrown my way.

You have given me the freedom to be who I am and instilled a belief in myself that I am capable of anything. You remind me daily, that I am a good friend to my fellow mamas and give me the time to invest in those friendships. You tell me everyday that I’m a great mom and tell the boys to always remember and recognise how lucky they are to have me as their mama. Even when things get hard and I feel like I’m failing at parenting, you are there reminding me of the things I get right and do well.

And now once again you have proved to be nothing but the greatest support as I have grown this little human in my belly for the last 8 months, You have, every day since we found out I was pregnant, treated me with extra love and safekeeping. As though overnight I become that little bit more fragile and sensitive to the outside world. You wrapped me up in an imaginary ball of cotton wool and have handled me with extra cautionary care. And you may have even added an extra layer when we found out I was carrying a little girl!

You have carried the weight of all the things I haven’t always been able to do, through what has been a tough pregnancy. You have gone beyond all efforts to source remedies to soothe morning sickness, allowed me to sleep when only sleep could. You have stepped up to being the best dad to our boys, ensuring they have always felt loved even when I’v’e had nothing to give.

You have rubbed my feet and back at the end of my long days and you have tickled me to sleep on the nights when heartburn and aches and pains have been too much for me to deal with. You have woken up every morning touching my face and telling me how beautiful I am. You have kissed my belly and told me how sexy my body is despite feeling anything but.

And now in the last trimester you have stepped up to the plate that much more! You have cooked, cleaned, bathed kids and given me time off on the couch. (Usually while while you play countless rugby matches and  ride bikes outside with the boys) I have overheard you talk to the boys and say things like “Mommy needs rest, let’s be quite so mom can sleep” and ” It’s hard for mommies to grow babies sometimes, let’s help her by listening better and looking after her, she needs lots of love” I hear the way you teach our boys to love and respect their mama. Although it’s impossible for them to know and do any different because you lead by the greatest example.

You have done all of this while still working your butt off and providing for us. I honestly think I married some sort of superhero machine who somehow manages to pull so much, while still being the best family man ever to walk the planet.

You have reminded me through the toughest and scariest times that it’s all going to worth it and encouraged me to push through the final slog. You have never told me stop moaning or underplayed my frustration and  discomfort. (I think you know better haha!)

So today I want to thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being who you are to me. I don’t know what I did to get so lucky in this life but somehow, by God’s grace I got you! Somehow God blessed with the most amazing life partner who goes beyond the call of husband duty. Who chooses his family over everything else day in and day out.

I know I haven’t been the easiest person to deal with the last 9 months but you have certainly made it a whole lot easier and I know I couldn’t have done it without you. I realise I’m about to take a serious back seat now as we welcome our daughter into the world. I realise that my time may be up as I make way for another little girl. But deep down I will always always know that I’m your number one lady, the love of your life!

I am eternally grateful for the man that you are and cannot wait to venture into this next season with you. I love you with all of my heart B Boy, please don’t ever forget that.


Lolo xxx

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