So it’s been two weeks since we welcomed our little Hunter Grace into the world. Two weeks of calm and crazy, serene wonder and busy chaos.  Yup that right, it’s been all of those things, sometimes in as short a space as 5 minutes. And for the most part I love it. For the most part I don’t want these days to ever come to an end.

I have taken quite naturally to my role as mom to a newborn baby all over again. I thought I would have forgotten but like with most things, once you know you know and I’m proud to say that two weeks in I haven’t yet resorted to googling things like ” How often should my baby pooh?” or ” Why does my baby sleep so much during the day and wake up constantly at night?” or ” WHEN will I get my life back?”

But there are a few things I forgot about newborns and have been quickly reminded by the humbling reality of actually having one. Let’s unpack them shall we?

  1. I forgot just how much they pooh!! Ok to be fair most of the time it’s just a windy fart with a little bit of follow through. What’s it called again? A shart? Yup I’ve now resorted to only changing a nappy should i feel there is enough evidence pointing towards it being a legit pooh. Too many half poohs that you assume require a nappy change, which only wake them up more and take settling them in the middle of the night that much longer!
  2. On that note, I forgot the rat race it is! Feeding, burping and changing nappies. REPeat!! And juuuuuuust as you’ve settled them after an hour of feeding, winding and changing, they are 2 hours away from their next feed.
  3. Carrying on from point 2, I forget how little sleep I was going to be having in the early days. And by week two once the adrenaline starts wear off, you realise how tired you are. So tired you worry about dropping your baby off the side of the bed mid-feed/wind. I’ve resorted to barricading the sides of my bed – for this very reason. Juuuuuust incase.
  4. I forgot how teeny tiny they are! They are soooooooo tiny!!!
  5. I forgot about the winds!!! Winds are evil little suckers that drive you dilly with frustration. You can be the world’s best burper and have a technique waxed but that doesn’t mean a thing. I have tried so many different ways of winding my baby and just as I’ve figured out something I think works so well, it no longer works despite 15-20 minutes of fighting with said wind. It’s painful, especially when you see your little baby squirming around in pain. And of course, even more painful when you are watching the clock and realise you’ve missed another 30 minutes of sleep due to a nasty little air bubble.
  6. I forgot how much they like to sleep in the day and how they confuse their days with nights. There’s a very simple reason for that of course (That was their sleep pattern when they were in the womb) but you forget how frustrating it can be trying to move them out of that routine and into one that enables you to sleep for longer than 2 hours at a time. It’s a constant need to remember to be patient and not expect too much of them in the first three months. The three months that make up what some baby experts refer to as the Fourth Trimester.
  7. I forgot just how much STUFF a baby needs. Leaving the house has become a bit of a mammoth task – one I’m sure I’ll get better at but one that leaves me wondering if leaving the house is worth all the fuss. Pram. Check. Nappy bag filled with nappies, wipes, Telament drops, nappy bags, change of clothes, dummies, breast pads, changing mat, blankets, burp cloths. CHECK!!!  I’m glad I have learnt what the really vital things are since my stint as first time mom. Here are the things that are saving my sanity one practical step at a time.
  8. But most of all I forgot how intoxicating they are! There is just something about their smell and tininess that is just overwhelming right? They are so soft and small and vulnerable and innocent and and and…. My dear me they are pure heaven! At this point I’m a full blown addict and can’t go anywhere without smelling her on me and feeling the desperate need for my next fix. Gosh listen to me, i sound like a full blown junkie.

There are just so many things we forget despite having gone through it all before – TWICE!! And there something to be said about how easy it is that we do forget these thing. Truth is, as challenging as it is in the early days, I don’t want these precious days to ever come to an end. As a third time mom to a new-born I know all too well how fast it all goes. I have every intention of soaking her up despite the exhaustion and rat race of nappy changes and middle of the night feeds. It has to be one of the most special times in a mom’s life and for now I’m ok with giving up my extra sleep for middle of the night cuddles. For now. Check on me in two months and le’ts see if I feel the same.

Any other things you forgot about having a newborn? Share in the comments please 🙂 xxx



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