I don’t think I have ever felt my age more than I do right now. Which is strange because up until this point, I have actually felt a lot younger than my chronological age and generally told I look at least 5 years younger. (I secretively would love the shock on people’s faces when I told them my actual age and most times it was met with a “No ways, you don’t look day over 30!”) The fact that I get such a massive kick out of this is a telltale sign of my …. ummmm…. maturity.

But lately I dunno hey, life seems to be playing catch up and there is seldom a day that goes by where I don’t scrutinise over a new wrinkle or darkened patch of pigmentation or dry area that just won’t clear up. I realise it’s inevitable and that this is all part of the journey of life and I’m ok with that. I guess I just didn’t expect it to creep up on me so suddenly, with such hostility like an unwanted guest knocking on your door at 3am.

But like with most uninvited guests there’s only one real solution. Make peace with them, accept them, and then tell them it might be time to leave. Yup, after months of feeling really horrible about my skin I have had to come to terms with the fact that I am ageing and that pigmentation and fine lines are going to come knocking more and more. But that doesn’t mean I can’t graciously tell them where to get off and start trying to minimise the ageing process by trying products that promise to help my skin appear more youthful.

I shared on Instagram that I was invited to try Environ’s NEW Focus Care Youth+ range, a range of skincare products that aim to combat signs of ageing. I like many of you am still quite skeptical about how much this product is going to deliver on the things it says it will. But, hey, there’s only one way to find out isn’t there? And I figured, what have I got to lose at the end of the day? (I realise you my dear would have something to lose if you chose to invest your hard earned cash into something like this and it didn’t deliver, so that’s where I come in. I’m hoping that through this HONEST journey you will be able to make up your own mind. I am hoping that by answering your many questions and testing the product first-hand,  I will be able to give an honest account and potentially invite you on the journey with me!)





Environ a globally recognised and loved skin care brand has recently unveiled their NEW Focus Care Range, a premium range of skin care products specially formulated with intelligent ingredient combinations to target specific skin conditions of ageing, dehydration and sensitivity.

Environ is a globally recognised and loved Professional Skin Care brand that is built on science, beauty and care. We believe that skin has a life and that vitamin A is the “oxygen” it needs to look healthy and beautiful for life. It is for this reason that we actively pursue skin care science to skilfully and consistently develop best-in-class, scientifically researched and developed products that work with skin.”


Focus Care™ Youth+ Range focuses on smoothing and strengthening aged skin.

Another thing that has gotten me really excited about this brand and skincare range is that I have already heard only great things about it. I don’t think I have heard anybody have anything bad to say about it as yet., which to me shows they are reputable and must be doing something right. I have also heard that it is one of the few ranges of skincare that have the active ingredient of vitamin A in it which as I have recently learnt is a huge factor when it comes to ageing. *I discovered this on a visit to Aplhen Aesthetics where the doctor there told me about Environ and Vitamin A and how it works when applied to your skin. This was long before I even agreed to do this trial so I’m thrilled to have been invited to try it!

“Dr Des Fernandes, founder and scientific director of Environ, says: “Aging skin is a direct result of sun-induced vitamin A deficiency. Correct the deficiency and you’ll have more radiant-looking skin.”

Everything that defines healthy-looking, beautiful skin is a direct result of vitamin A. It is the only known molecule that helps keep the skin healthy and helps to provide anti-aging benefits.

A vitamin A deficiency could lead to skin abnormalities such as pigmentation irregularities, sun damage, aging, and skin cancer. The most common skin care problem in both men and women is sun-damage, and the long-term effects of sun exposure are sinister. In order for us to help combat this sun-induced vitamin-A deficiency, we must replenish vitamin A in our cells every day and for this process to be effective, we need to help restore the effects of our vitamin A receptors within the skin.

Dr Des knew that vitamin A was essential for life which is why it is the cornerstone ingredient in the Environ skin care philosophy. It must be replaced daily for skin to appear healthier and more resilient and resulted in the creation of the world’s first Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM™.”


Vitamin A is the only scientifically known element that keeps skin healthy and combats the effects of aging. It has been proven that sufficient vitamin A:

  • Promoting the effects of the skin’s natural moisturising factor and gives it a radiant glow
  • Strengthening the effects of the skin’s outer layer to keep it looking firm
  • Stimulates the production of natural protein to keep skin looking healthy
  • Supporting the effects of skin’s immune system and helps prevent the appearance of breakouts
  • Assists in reducing the likelihood of the development of potential skin cancers, giving you greater peace of mind


SO here’s how it’s going to work and this is my promise to you my fellow readers:

  1. I am going to be using Environ’s Focus Care Youth+ Range Exclusively for 4 weeks (I am already almost 1 week in!) The products include: Focus Care™ Youth+ Avance Elixir 30ml, Focus Care™ Youth+ Revival Masque 50ml, Focus Care™ Moisture+ Hydrating Oil Capsules. The Elixir I will use everyday morning and night, the Masque 2 times a week (maybe three!) and the capsules I will use 2- 3 times a week. (I received 10)
  2. I am going to share this journey with you honestly and authentically and will under no circumstances tell you anything that I haven’t experienced first-hand myself.
  3. I give you my word that all thoughts, opinions and feedback will be mine and mine alone and that I will report the good, the bad and the ugly. (Yup, I will withhold nothing ok??)
  4. I will show you “Before” photos and report back with a final blog post once the four weeks is up, with “After” pictures to see if you can notice any visible differences.
  5. In the final blog post, which will share my whole journey from start to finish, I will be offering one lucky reader the chance to WIN this selection of Environ’s Focus Care Youth+range valued at over R3000!

Does that sound like a deal? There’s one difference about how this competition is going to work. There will be some steps you need to follow on the actual competition post, but I will also be taking into account how much each of you engages with the campaign as a whole. I would really love this prize to go to someone who genuinely would love to try the product and who feels would benefit from using this range. So please, ENGAGE! Ask questions, comment on posts (below, on Facebook , Instagram etc…) Let me know your thoughts and your questions! There are a team of amazing therapists around the country that will happily answer any of our questions and address any concerns.

So here you have it ladies… my BEFORE pictures which show my face as is, with ZERO make-up, on very little sleep, feeling somewhat particularly exhausted and totally filter-free of course.


Yup I know not the most attractive photos but I warned you, I’m baring all my friends! I HATE my pigmentation and dark spots. While this product doesn’t focus on changing that specifically I’m secretively hoping it will make a small difference to my uneven skin tone while plumping up my skins, diminishing fine lines and combating tired and dull looking skin.

For more information or to find a stockist near you you can go to this link. Remember, Environ Skin Care is not sold online and they do not have any authorised online shops selling their products. 

I’ll be checking in on Instagram over the next three-four weeks otherwise I’ll see you back on this side in a couple of weeks with my report back ok? Let me know in the comments what you think of the brand. Do you think it has the potential to live up to all of the hype? Let me know! #FocusCareYouthSA #rubybox #FocusOnFlawless


Leigh ♥




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