Can I get a hands up if anyone else out there feeling like this today!??


So tired that you just can’t. So tired that by the end of every day you can barely keep your eyes open?

Every so often this happens to me. My body goes into complete shut down – it enters a realm of  complete and utter exhaustion – the kind of exhaustion that you experience in your first trimester of pregnancy or the first two months after giving birth. (Although I’m usually high on adrenaline in those few months after birth) It’s the kind of tired that has you in tears by 3pm and wondering whether you need some kind of therapy. The kind of exhaustion that has you turn down a sushi date night with your husband (GASP!) and choose to rather zone out on the couch. It’s the kind of exhaustion that has you question your mental health.

The last time this happened to me, I went for blood tests – you know, thinking I had cancer or one of the other serious illnesses where tiredness is a common symptom, the doctor told me in a pretty casual matter-of-factly way that I had a case of the Motherhood virus. My blood was in tip top shape and all seemed well on the inside. I looked at him dead in the eyes for 20 seconds and then laughed hysterically on the examination bed for about 20 minutes – which only confirmed that my tiredness had in fact turned me into a full blown crazy person.

For obvious reasons, I don’t really feel like going back to my doctor with the same story about how exhausted I am and how I feel like booking myself into Cresent Clinic come 4pm everyday. The fact that I struggle with anxiety obviously doesn’t help matters, but I can help but feel ashamed that I can’t get over the hurdle on my own. I see moms who have to work long days, sometimes two jobs, see to kids, cook and make lunches for school. I see single moms who have to do this all on their own and still manage to keep their shit together. Surely I should be able to just get on with it already? I have more help and support than the average person yet there are days where I just feel i can’t do it anymore. Days where I just can’t even open my laptop or wash my hair.

Good Golly could I be more depressing on a FRIDAY!!! But all this has got me thinking: If it really is the motherhood virus then, I can’t be alone! Cant be the only one who has day/weeks like this. I can’t be the only one who feels so tired at times that I just want to bury my head in the sand and pretend nobody needs me. Tell me mamas, what do you tell yourself when it all gets too much and you feel the need to sleep for 5 years? Do you have any pick-me-up tricks to share? Anything I could maybe be missing? Like my iron?? I’m thinking of starting a food diary to see how my diet is effecting things.

On a happy note… I had my eyelashes filled yesterday at Rouge Day Spa and they are looking super gorgeous again. They even (hearing how tired I was) treated me to a foot rub while I had a lash nap! I felt so pampered by the lovely girls there and walked out feeling so much better! I am going to be giving a way a set of lashes on my blog next week worth R750! So keep your eyes peeled 🙂

Another happy note: I’m taking my niece to her ballet eistedfodd tomorrow! I’m beyond excited to be able to share that with her. Something I have looked forward to doing for ages, not having girls myself! Let’s hope I don’t embarrass her with my crazy
excitement. HAHA!

Thanks for letting me ramble – I feel better already ! ♥

Happy FriYAY xx

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