Parenting is hard. As rewarding and as wonderful as these years are, they can leave us feeling depleted and with an overwhelming sense of identity loss.

I mean who am I besides a mom and wife? What happened to the person I was before my kids came along?

Sound familiar?

And the bottom line is that we seldom get the opportunity to get away from it all. Not for very long anyway. Sure if we’re lucky we get to escape for the odd dinner date or a quick movie with a friend, but before we know, it it’s over and we are back to the chaos. Often juggling a full-time career on top of it all. And we keep on going at it day by busy day, week by busy week, month by busy month and just like that, it’s another year, and it all starts all over again. And slowly we may begin to feel as though have a lost a little more of ourselves.

For moms who suffer from mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and bipolar, it can feel that much more stressful and overwhelming, as they find themselves in a constant state of despair and anxiety. The relentless demands of raising kids can have a really negative effect on our mental state and it can be a serious problem if not addressed.

So what are we doing to invest in ourselves and and replenish our minds, bodies and souls? What are we actively doing to make sure that we are looking after ourselves? I’m talking abut finding some quiet time to reflect, meditate, talk, sit in nature and eat nourishing food? (Food that doesn’t involve peanut butter or marmite or get stanched by little paws the minute we sit down to eat?)

It seems that sisters Shannon, Beth and Haley (all trained therapists) realised all too well how many moms may feel the need for something that would offer them the opportunity to do this. They have put together an experience that caters for tired, weary, stressed and depressed moms or those who are simply feeling like they need to recharge and engage with others on a deeper level. Their key focus is helping moms discover tools to help them better deal with stress.

Trained therapist Shannon and Haley, together with Beth, a social worker, have careful come up with an itinerary of “activities” and sessions that will be held on Sat 24th February from 9am -2pm at a tranquil private nature estate in Hout Bay.


The cost to book your place is only R850 – which for what you are getting a really great deal. It really is a personal investment and something I think many of us could really benefit from.

I also love the idea that you are bound to make some really great friends on a wellness retreat like this. The fact that so many women would be there for the same reason means you may make connections with people that last long after the day has ended. Connections my dear friends is what its all about and we need friends to walk the road with.

If you think this is for you or may be interested, email Shannon at or Beth at Spaces are limited so don’t hesitate to book your spot! (*dates have changed) 

Please note the above dates on the official have changed. Their will only be ONE event on Sat 24th February.


More about your therapists

Shannon has been counselling for close to 10 years and has much experience with depression and ADHD. Her heart is to help others see that ADHD people, though different, are indeed very special and just require time and patience to understand how their brains work. You can read this article she has written about her Breaking the myths of ADHD.

Haley Is a counselling psychologist working in beautiful Hout Bay. She believes in the powerful impact of safe, positive and life-giving relationships. She uses the principles of Solutions-focussed Therapy to build compassionate connections in couples, families and Individuals.

Beth has worked as a social worker in the child-protection field for the last 16 years. she has spent half her time in family care and the other in emergency humanitarian settings. The help she brings comes for a place of awareness of the help she has received in her own life and from a place of overflow.







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