I recently watched the movie Tully for the second time and, there were even more “OMG YES!” moments that the first. It’s one of those movies that depict the hard parts of motherhood in all it’s raw and agonising glory. You feel so connected to the character because, well, you know. You just know! The one thing I kept thinking the whole way through is “Gosh, this woman needs a break. She needs help. She needs support. She needs to find her way back to herself”

Throughout the movie you see this worn-out, fatigued mom of three (having just given birth to her third baby) slowly losing more of herself. She loses sight of who she was before kids and gets swallowed whole by this all-consuming world of nappies, late-night feeds, sleepless nights, school -runs, tantruming kids and pumping on the go. She stops caring about what she looks like, because she doesn’t have anything left in her to do anything about it. Sure, her case is extreme because it shows the dangers of postpartum depression and just how easy it is to spiral downhill to that very dark place. I think we can all relate to that in some degree, even those who have never been prone to depression. It can be a slippery slope that gains momentum at lighting speed, and before you know it you don’t know how to get out.

Nonetheless, it made me think how important it is for us, as mothers, to prioritise our own needs and make time to invest in ourselves. It made me realise how impossible it is for us to run on empty. As challenging as it may be for us to always find the time and the money (It’s a joke how expensive these little nuggets cost to keep alive right??), it’s really vital to our mental and emotional health to feel like we are more that just someone’s mom. (AKA milking cow, cook, chef, night nurse, doctor, taxi, cleaner etc…) It’s vital that we slowly begin to gain a sense of normalcy after giving birth and more so, at every interval  as we navigate motherhood in every season.

I guess as moms we feel like our kid’s needs should always take priority over own. And while there are some things that they simply cannot live without, I think we all know deep down, that we need to prioritise ourselves better. I don’t think we should ever feel guilty about wanting to invest more time and money in ourselves – be it a massage, some new make-up, a new dress or that beautiful pair of sneakers we have been eyeing since the last time we were at the shops. You know, the time you ended up buying the kids all a new toy instead and told yourself “I will get them them next month”. Only when next month rolled around, your kids NEEDED something else. Don’t look behind you. I’m talking to you.

So while I used to put facials and massages and things like that on the back burner, always citing reasons why they shouldn’t take priority, I am realising that a happy, healthy, pampered and well-groomed mama, makes me a better one. I thrive when I feel good about myself, I have more energy to enjoy my kids when I’m feeling revitalised. I can give more of myself when my cup is full and, there is no denying that my kids even see the difference. They love seeing me happy and feeling good and taking care of myself.

So I do invest in the odd beauty treatment – eye lash extensions and spray tans from my fave beauty expert Queen B, (Guys you have to check out her new henna eyebrow treatment!) and occasionally I book myself in for a facial. Of course it’s always a matter of getting around to actually booking the appointment that proves to be the most challenging for me. 🙂

I am so blessed too, that this platform affords me the opportunities that it does and so being invited to experience a LED phototherapy facial recently at Deluxe Laser and Spa in Blue Route Mall a little while ago, was just such a treat. I will say  upfront, that while I was gifted the treatment, it is certainly one I would pay good money for and invest my money in again. That’s the honest to God truth my friends.

Here’s what I can tell you about Deluxe Laser and Spa:

“Deluxe Laser & Spa offers anti-aging, skin tightening, body-contouring, cellulite reduction, LED phototherapy & 100% painless permanent hair removal for both men & women. We only use the world’s most advanced, Our FDA approved technology will significantly slow down the aging process and make a difference to your skin and to your body.”

What is LED phototherapy?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Phototherapy utilises clinically proven wave lengths to accelerate the rejuvenation of the skin by boosting collagen and elastin production. Hailed as the perfect complexion boost, LED phototherapy stimulates the skin’s natural repair processes to promote healthy looking skin by accelerating cell renewal as well as resolve a range of skin concerns.

 It also improves circulation, reduces pigmentation and redness as well as stimulates healing of blemishes /acne. LED phototherapy can be added to any Deluxe treatment.


• The leading non-invasive treatment for visibly radiant and rejuvenated skin
• Safe and pain free way to transform the skin with no downtime
• Instantly energises skin cells
• Offers long lasting skin health benefits
• Tailored to your skin concerns (anti-aging/ problematic skin/ sensitive skin/pigmentation)
• Can combine with any skin treatment for optimal results


It was pretty straight-forward and relaxing. Those who suffer from extremely sensitive eyes may struggle initially with the bright lights, despite wearing eye googles. I adjusted pretty quickly and then it was just a case of enjoying some quite down time while letting the lights work their magic.

I upgraded my standard facial to include an anti pigmentation ampoule boost that was applied before going under the lights, and I’m so glad I did. My skin felt incredible afterwards and I was even complimented by two moms at school pick up that my skin was “GLOWING”! As someone who suffers from severely dry skin it can tend to look quite dull so that was a welcoming compliment. 🙂
I think it’s something I would consider having once a month as I’m sure the results only get better the more you use it, and its hard to see any major long-term difference after just one treatment. Saying that, my skin felt a lot plumper and hydrated for days afterwards, and I noticed my skin looked much brighter and clearer.
So mamas, this post is to remind you that it’s okay to treat yourself. I know its hard for many of us, with so many bills to pay, but try your best to make some time for yourself and don’t feel guilty when you DO invest back into yourself from time to time. Perhaps it’s a case of putting R200 aside every month and treating yourself twice a year to a massage and facial or buying a pair of shoes and having your eyelashes done. WITHOUT ANY GUILT. If money is never on your side, look out for my next post with some great inexpensive ways to invest back into yourself and get some down-time in. 🙂
Do it for you. Or if not solely for yourself, do it for your kids!
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