My little family and I love markets, especially now that they are all back in full swing with the warmer weather. Freshly squeezed juices, biltong, crepes, beers and usually some lovely fresh produce to take home with you for your lazy Saturday afternoon at home. I love filing my boot with organic veggies, brie or camembert cheese and some delicious fig preserve. Hubby usually adds to my good mood by grabbing me a bunch of proteas on the way out. Markets, what’s not to love?

With kids it’s such a great option for brunch instead of expecting them to sit at a table for yet another meal. Most of them have great kids areas with some lovely activities to keep them entertained while you munch on some pulled pork tacos or poached eggs!

Our kids are AMAZINGLY adventurous eaters. I mean they eat sushi, smoked mussels, olives, green pepper, all cheeses, and most vegetables offered to them. It hasn’t always been the case with my eldest but together they are doing a pretty good job of working their way through all the delicious food our country offers us. So they simply love the novelty of trying new food stalls and sampling all the yummy treats. OK OK I love it too, but that’s what makes it a win win right? And as long as there is craft beer and biltong my husband will be seen wearing his cute and naughty smile from beginning to end.

Here are some of the great markets out wonderful city of Cape Town has to offer:

Tokai market . This was our market of choice this last Saturday and I can’t tell you how rad it was. In the middle of the market, quite near all the food stalls there is MASSIVE sandpit with cute little toad stools all around to sit on. It’s all shaded and filled with buckets and spades for kids to play with. There is a jungle gym for climbing and the best part? They have horse rides which made the kids experience that much more memorable. Kid friendly rating: 5 stars! On trend rating: 4/5


The Neighbourgoods Market at the Biscuit Mill– Ok there was a time before kids where this would have been my market of choice. Not that it’s entirely un-kid friendly (we have enjoyed many mornings here) it’s just may be more for the trendy hipsters of Cape Town rather than the young family. The most amazing thing though is the quality of the goods they sell. From beautiful leather bags, to clothing to organic food, the quality of this market is insane. I love the whole feel about it too, with gorgeous courtyard shops to explore. Some of my favorite décor and clothing shops are home to this beautiful little hustle and bustle of a market. Kid friendly rating: 3 stats! On trend rating: 5 stars



Bay Harbour market: This market has always been a firm favorite for me. Situated right below the Hansberg mountains on the edge of the Hout Bay  harbour, this old abandoned factory now boasts a weekend market that will entice just about anyone. With over 26 different food stalls and lovely proudly South African crafts and products it’s simply the best way to spend a morning. While there isn’t that much to do specifically for kids, it has a nice contained feel to it which is key especially if you have more than two kids! There is live music which they will love and a cute little outside area where you can try grab a seat. And with the beach right there, it’s ideal for a post breaki walk! Kid friendly: 4 stars! On trend eating 4/5



Earthfair food market(Tokai): This market is open on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings and is great for a midweek outing with the kids. We love it because it’s close to the grandparents so we like to meet there occasionally for an early bite to eat, a glass of wine and a catch up. Their biltong and beer selection is next level and there is a kids corner with some fun crafty stuff to keep them occupied long enough to drink your wine without spilling it. It’s indoors which means it’s not weather dependent and we all know how the wind can get in these parts! Kid friendly rating 4 stars. On trend rating: 3/5


City Bowl Market: OK, This is properly old school, but I actually like that sometimes. It’s run from a beautiful historical building and has everything the others have sans the trend police and snooty people who think they are cooler than you. It doesn’t offer much in terms of kids activities but it’s a lovely market to walk through and grab some organic veggies on your way out. They also offer some proper authentic vintage clothing for those who like to browse for hidden treasures! Open every Thursday from 3.30-8.30!Kids friendly rating: 3 stars. On trend rating 3/5

The Vlei Market: This new market popped up quite recently off the vlei in Muizenberg. I must admit that I wasnt blown away by what I saw the one and only time we went but I would like to think that they were just experiencing some teething problems and have since marketed themselves better. It has so much potential to become a growing success and I will certainly be giving it another try this summer. The thing I really loved the thought was being able to hire a canoe and take it out for a little paddle on the vlei. I’m sure the kids would dig it! Kid friendly rating 4 stars! On trend rating: 2/5


Oranjezicht City Farm market: This one has moved around quite a lot since it popped up. At one point it was actually hosted by the awesome Helen Zille! Its started just above Saint Cyprian’s school in Oranjezicht and has since made its way to the Granger Bay area. What a gorgeous location right? And lots for the kids too! This has to be the perfect summer time market to explore with the kids! Kid friendly rating: 5 stars. On trend rating 4/5


The Vineyard Oval: Situated in the central suburb of Claremont this Market takes place every Wednesday evening. It the best for a late afternoon mass play date with your girlfriends, while you watch the kids run wild. The focus is on families connecting and enjoying the summer evenings together – A place where dads can meet up with you after work for a bite to eat and a beer with the other guys. I’ve heard rumors that its going to be even better for the kids this season with food catered specifically for them too. Kid friendly rating 5 Stars. On trend rating 4/5


Ok so that should be enough to get you started right? Let me know if I have missed out any of your favorites!




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