Since Midday yesterday i have been fighting with my computer. I have cursed at it and yelled at it and told it where to get off. I have shouted at the people at Cybersmart and lost it with my kids. Im pretty confident in saying that its probably the closest  my husband and I have come to divorce.

Which brings me to the this. If you have been receiving duplicate posts of the same flipping thing every 10 minutes, i do apologise. I had no idea you could turn it off to stop notifying my subscribers. Please know I’m not stupid (ok I’m a little stupid with wordpress) and I’m definitely not crazy. (Although wordpress and all these technical glitches have made me feel like I’ve lost my mind.) I’m hoping and praying that we have gotten to the bottom of the issue and il let you know if I’ve given up. Or if I’ve landed up in a clinic from stress.

I’m hoping I manage to stick around a little while longer, because I’ve grown to like all of you a fair amount. So hold fingers and thumbs for me will you?



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