I live with three boys. Three boys who are all sneaker obsessed!  (Two of the three who who are a little heavier on their shoes than most being the busy little people that they are!) And it would seem that my sneaker crazy husband’s obsession with shoes has slowly rubbed off on me over the years. For those who doubt just how mad he is about the good old takkie, the last time i checked, his sneaker collection was sitting at all time high of 87 pairs of Nikes. If that doesn’t really impress you then I’ll add this : he only began collecting shoes from Nike 5 years ago, when he left PUMA and had to part with the 134 pairs of PUMA sneakers he had accumulated over several years.

So it’s fair to say we are a sneaker family through and through then. I’ve always been drawn to the good old converse high top and the white ones were always my natural choice. I just love a clean white, simple sneaker that you can wear with just about anything! Well, that is until you realise your chance of keeping them clean with two adventurous little boys isn’t quite as easy as it were before. So they have taken a real beating over the years – from camping trips to farm holidays and ok il admit, the odd outdoor music festival on my part.

Noah was given a pair of awesome converse to match mine, which were eventually passed down to Brody and well, yes they too have taken a beating through the years. So when I was sent a Deluxe Shoe Care kit from Sneaker Lab i deliberated for a long time over whose shoes would be subject to the great test. With my little girl on the way I realised she too would would wear these amazing little Converse and I got quite excited at the thought of the two of us wearing matching skoene when she turns one! I mean, common!!!


So I got down to it the other day and followed the easy steps as displayed in the instruction manual. Now let me also just say first off that I’m a real sucker for great packaging and trendy looking products so I was really intrigued and excited from the get go. The kit is a little hipster looking and contains a gorgeous wooden brush, four bottles of product and beautifully packed PREMIUM SNEAKER WIPES.

The instructions are easy to follow which include four steps (You don’t need to really follow all four – the most important step being the cleaning one!) So you can buy the products individually – Sneaker Cleaner | Leather Care | Sneaker Protector | Odor Protector.

Bare in mind, the mini converse were already quite badly marked. I did however notice a massive difference in the stubborn dirt in the grooves. around the nose. I think the difficulty with these shoes is that the leather was already damaged and with tiny pleated grooves that run down, it was a bit of a challenge. So they were not an easy task! Saying that, the soles of the shoes are almost brand new and the inside is super clean and fresh too. My shoes speak for themselves I think…. I mean look at the difference!

So how would I describe Sneaker Lab?  It’s a forward – thinking shoe cleaning kit centred around sneaker culture, but a product that can also used by everyday people. Everyday people like business men and woman, outdoor sports junkies and even moms looking to keep their kid’s shoes squeaky clean and presentable.  It’s really for everyone!!

Go check out their website if you feel this is something that you would like to try. Better yet, Enter to WIN your very own Sneaker Deluxe Kit right here, Right now!

To Enter:

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Winner will be announced Tuesday 5th April and chosen via random.org. Please read T’s and C’s!



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