I’ve never quite understood the whole breastfeeding VS formula debate. I mean I always saw the benefits of breast-feeding my babies, but high on that list of benefits was the convenience and the saving of money. Never once did I arrogantly proclaim Breast is best! or role my eyes at moms who had chosen otherwise, sometimes for reasons beyond their control.

I felt a sense of pride, yes, when I managed to persevere through the initial months of cracked nipples and engorged boobs and I was thankful for the bond it helped form between my babies and I, BUT I never once looked down at other moms who were unable to or who had decided formula was the best option for them. In fact I had a huge amount of respect for these woman who had grappled with their decision.

While we all know there are proven benefits of breast milk do we really need to go making those who can’t feel guilty about it? Goodness gracious me when did we all become so opinionated, when are we all going to get off our high horses???

Hearing woman harp on about their choice in this regard is ridiculous. A pure crock of shit if truth be told. When is this conversation gong to end?

It’s been said a thousand times, that all a mother wants is a happy baby and I’ve seen some VERY happy formula fed babies who are thriving and meeting their milestones EARLY. I’ve also seen some breastfed babies who are not so happy and who have struggled to meet those milestones. We all seem to forget too, that everyone’s situation is different.

There’s the mom who gave birth to a 1.2 kilo premature baby who tries her best to keep her milk supply up while tube/cup feeding her baby for the first two months in ICU. COMITMENT.

There’s the mom who experienced a traumatic birth and struggles to bond with her baby. BRAVERY

There’s the mom who has contracted HIV from her unfaithful husband had been warned about the dangers of breastfeeding her baby or told she may not. SELFLESSNESS.

There’s the adoptive mom who takes over from another woman to do one of the most important jobs on the world. SACRIFICE.

There’s the working mother who has to return to work early and wants her baby in a routine before that day comes. DEDICATION.

There’s the mom who, to be a better mom needs her personal space and to whom the idea of breastfeeding just doesn’t come easy. HONESTY and COURAGE.

There’s the mom who’s babies life depends on it because without her mothers milk they would not be able to afford the luxury of formula. ENDURANCE.

There’s the mom who tried her best to persevere but the stress over whether her child was receiving enough milk and the reacurring mastitis, were taking away from the time should have been enjoying her baby. WISDOM.

You see, how on earth can one thing be right for all these situations, for each individual child? For in each of these situations, the one common thing that we all NEED is GRACE. Grace to be the best moms we can be. Grace to carry us through some difficult choices.

Motherhood is hard enough. Do we really need to make it harder on each other?

I would rather know my mom is happy and able to smile into my eyes than put her own mental wellbeing at risk and be unable to play and interact with me.

I would much rather know my mom did all she needed to do for me, and if that meant returning to work early to make sure I had a roof over my head, than so be it.

It’s time we move on don’t you think?

I love this article, which has a grown man explain the injustice of being formula fed as an infant. You will die laughing!

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