It would appear I have inherited my mother’s (slightly neurotic) obsession with keeping her home impeccably clean and tidy. While hers is no doubt a lot cleaner than mine on a good day, it’s only fair to point out that she doesn’t have two, (make that three) dirty boys who she is constantly having to tidy up after. *Tired sigh!

Between all the sweeping, mopping, dusting and countless loads of washing, it can get rather exhausting trying to keep my home looking like I want it to. I mean, speaking of washing, it’s a joke right? How much washing do you moms go through? I feel like the mountain of dirty clothes is never ending. It’s just a continuous cycle with no stop button. *LONG TIRED siiiiiigghh!

sweepSouth cleaning

It doesn’t help that we haven’t had any permanent help since our lovely Pinky fell ill last year. So when SweepSouth approached me and asked me to try them out it couldn’t have come at a better time. I had heard some great things about them as a company and was keen to see first hand what all the fuss was about.

Before I tell you about my own personal experience, let me explain to you who SweepSouth are and what they can offer you. To put it simply, SweepSouth are a home cleaning service with a difference. They are all about making your life easier by taking care of all the logistics involved in finding reliable, honest and hard-working staff to come and clean your home. They understand that your home is personal and private space that needs to be respected and they take pride in making sure that your home is looked after.

Perhaps SweepSouth can better be described as the UBER of house cleaning. They have created an online service whereby you can book an appointment at the tap of a button from your phone, tablet or computer. Sweepsouth have done all the hard work for you . background checks included, so you can rest assured knowing your home is in good hands.

Booking a home clean on the website takes just two minutes, and from only R38 per hour you can fully customize the service you’ll receive, from bringing our own cleaning products to supplying your own, from the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that require cleaning to the extra chores you require in addition to the standard dishes, dusting, mopping and vacuuming, such as taking care of your laundry or ironing your clothes.”

SweepSouth cleaners operate seven days per week from 7am until 6pm in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Centurion metropolitan areas.

The reason I can vouch for their satisfaction policy is because I got to experience it first hand on two separate occasions. 2 weeks ago I had two ladies come to my home and I was surprised at how well they worked together, dividing the workload to ensure all jobs were done. Of course I had to be sure this was a company I could vouch for when sharing it with my readers and so I asked all the appropriate questions and booked them again. Last week, I had a lovely Zimbabwean lady come and clean our home and I can’t rave about her enough. In fact my husbands exact words to me that morning were Babe whoever cleaned our home and did our ironing yesterday, get them to come back!

And we most certainly will be requesting her to come back! You see this is the other great part of how things work: you can request a specific cleaner every time, which is wonderful for people who may like to establish a bit of a relationship with the person they have come onto their home. It’s also great because they get to know your home and preferences and you become familiar with each other. Saying that, our cleaner was just amazing as finding her way around our home and taking initiative to get on with things while I nursed a sick child. I honestly felt like this woman had been in our family for years!

SweepSouth seem to understand how people value their time:

We know You’re busy and that you would love to swap some of your household chores for time with the kids, tai chi, or just an hour or two of relaxing in front of the TV, so we’re empowering you to take back your free time with a simple tap of a button.

Does it sound like something you would LOVE to experience? I thought so! Entering is SUPER easy. All you need to do to WIN an 8 hour clean is:

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To redeem your one-hour free cleaning voucher follow this link.

For more information visit their website to find out more!

Terms and conditions:

*You need to follow all the required steps in order to qualify for the prize

* Competition is open to people residing in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Centurion metropolitan areas only.

*Competition closes at 17h00 on the 23rd May

*Winner will be chosen via and my decision is final.

Good luck!! πŸ™‚

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