June/July holidays: A time met with dread for many moms around the country as they wrack their brains for things to do to keep their kids entertained. As you can tell, I’m on a mission to help you find the very things that are going to make the up and coming holiday a fun, active and engaging one. I’m here to remind you about all the wonderful events happening around our city over the next few weeks. You are so very welcome!

Last week I came across a flyer about a pretty cool Soccer School which caught my attention. Noah has shown a natural flair when it comes to the sport and I’m always on the look out for coaches now that he is approaching Grade R. We recently moved him from soccer to cricket because we were told most schools don’t do soccer and we wanted him to get to grips with cricket and get a feel for the game before starting BIG school. But every time I see him with a ball on a field, I realise we are going to have to find a coach to nurture his natural talent, even if that means doing it outside of school. It would be sinful to not let him explore this wonderful sport. Guys, I’m serious he could be the next Ronaldo! (Serious mom brag and I make no apology for it!)


I was pretty excited to learn about Supersport United Soccer School who seem to be expanding at a rather rapid pace with schools popping up all over the country. (Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal, Western Cape and Mpumalanga!) So what do Supersport United Soccer School offer and what are they all about?

Introducing a new era of proudly South African soccer schools. The coaching is unique, innovative and the most complete development programme of any sport worldwide. We may be copied, but we will never replicated, and no one has ever come close to achieving the same results. The aim of SSUSS is long term and ambitious: to change the game of football for the better and to make it more exciting and skillful by changing the manner in which young people and coaches are trained. The SSUSS syllabus covers every area of football. – Futebol de Salão (FDS) – Emphasis on Individual Skills. – Increased Training Time. – Physical Training. Futebol de Salão (FDS) is a 5 aside version of football, originating in South America, that is played with a smaller (size 2) and heavier (645g) ball that has virtually no bounce (10%). The game became very popular in Brazil with players such as Pele, Rivelino, Zico right through to Juninho, Rivaldo and  Ronaldo who were brought up first playing FDS before moving on to conventional football.

Basically it’s the best of the best of what South Africa has to offer when it comes to training kids to become great soccer players! Follow this link to read more about the different levels of coaching they offer.

soccer camp 2


The wonderful news is that they are running two  holiday camps here in the Southern Suburbs (CT) – a great opportunity for kids between the ages of 5 and 15 years to learn new skills, make friends and keep fit! It’s also a great way to see if soccer is something your kid would love to do going forward. Perhaps you also see a natural gift in your child that you feel would benefit from a camp like this? If you think your kids will enjoy it here’s the flyer below with all the details about the camps.


Soccer camp cape town

If you have any question please contact either Brent on 0826708128 or Wesley on 0832926643. If you would like to go ahead and book your kid’s spot, you can do so by emailing southernsuburbs@ssuss.co.za.

To follow them and keep up to date with all their happenings you can follow them on Facebook and You Tube or head on over to their website for a full run down on everything they offer. It’s pretty awesome to say the least!

Wowzers!  I guess it’s fair to say I’m fast approaching  “Soccer Mom” status with two boys heading in the same direction. I have to admit, for a mom who wanted girls, I’m beginning to see the excitement in getting behind my boys in team sports like this. I never thought I would say it, but I can’t wait to be that mom cheering on the sidelines, jumping up and down like a crazy person when they score their first goal. Yup, I’m gonna be that mom and like I said I will make no apology for it.

For now anyway.


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