We just spent the better part of the morning trying to get Noah out of the bathroom. After dad put him in timeout he took it upon himself to lock the door and after 10 minutes or so we realised he wasn’t going to be able to turn it back. Dad blamed the old lock, i blamed his stinking bad attitude that got him in the mess in the first place.

It’s not my favourite way to spend a Sunday morning, trying to Macgyver my son out of the bathroom but i realised very quickly that my hysteria and frustration would only fuel the crying and desperation on the other side of the door. After another 10 minutes of trying to get the key under the door we realised it wasn’t going to work. This is when i too began cursing the old door for all its faults. At one point Brendon tried to life it with on of my beautiful iron salad servers only to have the fork snap off.

The whole time i kept reminding my little lad on the other side of the door that we were going to get him out. After a good amount of time i just carried on seeing to housework while Brendon went outside to come up with a different plan. I even made myself a cup of tea. bad mom i know.

It must be said for the record that it got to the point that he started to enjoy all the excitement. I mean which 4-year-old wouldn’t?

After another 10 minutes or so we asked him to take the key out the door to throw out the window. The only problem? He couldn’t open the window. For what seemed like another 5 minutes we coached him through opening the window so he could throw the key out to dad. And then he did it!! Daddy came rushing back through the front door, stoked to finally have the key to set our son free.

BUT the door wouldn’t unlock from our side. Geary luck.

Yes, we both now blamed the blimming old door lock. I’m not sure if it was out of pure frustration but it was around this time that i gave the door a good proper kung fu kick. You know just to see if it was just stuck the whole time. By the way my foot connected to the door without any give whatever, i can tell you it was in fact LOCKED!

What followed was a 3 step execution plan to get our son out the bathroom where he had now been for over an hour. (In true Noah style he began complaining he was tired, hungry and bored. If he wasn’t locked in the bathroom i would have taken him by the ears.)

Brendon had to put a ladder ontop of a  bin and with the help of a neighbour take our burglar bars off before jumping in through the window. I was doing a second load of washing (shows how bored i had also gotten with the situation, and probably what a terrible mother i am) when my husband burst open the bathroom door.

Dad did it! He saved me!!! He is a superhero just like me mom!!!

I told him it was pretending to be a bloody superhero that got him into this mess in the first place. After asking him 6 times to put his top back on (apparently the hulk never wears a top to show his muscles) he was sent to time out.

I guess this gives a whole new meaning to what we like to call Superhero Sundays!

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