I was on my own waiting for you.
Waiting. For. Summer
Waiting. For. Me
I was. On my. Own
While you were there
Waiting for summer.
Oh by the sea.


I have this song going round in my head at the moment…. like on repeat! And I’m guessing you’re all getting as excited about summer holidays as we are. Long days on the beach, Lazy mornings by the pool, sunset picnics and forrest walks. It’s that special time of year where the kids are at their happiest: barefoot, golden skin and with an ever-growing layer of salt water in their sun-kissed hair. 

It’s late night ice cream runs in our pj’s and Christmas beds in the lounge with the windows wide open. It’s star gazing at night after late-afternoon braais with friends. That feeling of pure and utter delight, the satisfaction of a day well-spent. 

It’s all about freshness too! Watermelon by the side of the pool or “bunny licks” in the midday sun as they race to see who thaws out first, them or their icy treats. 

And for my three, summer has just gotten even more fresh and exciting with the introduction of Zoku Slush & Milkshake Makers and Zoku Polar Slow Pop Freezer Moulds. Guys we have entered the wonderland of ice-cold treats and let me tell you, they will blow your kids minds too!

“We put the fun in functional with innovative, easy-to-use, well-designed products. Zoku means family in Japanese. The definition goes beyond creating family memories around our products, it speaks to our culture.” 


We have been having so much fun experimenting with these awesome Zoku products, so much so that the kids have insisted we make slush everyday! And because you can make healthy versions with so much fresh variety, mum has no option but to oblige. EVERY time! 

Our first attempt at the slushies was done the proper way though. We used Fanta and Lemonade – the full sugar addition! I am (still) so amazed at how fun and effective these Zoku Slush & Milkshake Makers are… guys they make Slush in 7 minutes and they continue to freeze any liquid you pour in them for well over an hour. It’s as simple as keeping the frozen cup insert in the freezer in between uses, and filling it with liquid whenever the urge arrises. (READ: often!) You can add fresh berries or other fruit like mango and granadilla pulp. And wait for it…….you can even make milkshakes! The options are endless!

SPECIFICATIONS: Each Slush and Shake maker includes: 1 inner core, 1 protective sleeve, and 1 spoon. Capacity: 220ml
Simply pour your choice of liquid into the cup and wait for it to freeze. As it begins to freeze, use the spoon to break the ice off the sides and stir occasionally. Before you know it, you will have thick icy slush. Top with fruit 🙂

Okay now it’s time I admit something to you. I have spent a considerable amount of time conjuring up delicious recipes in my head for a a bit more of a ……(dare I say) mature pallet. My friend Ange, the talented girl responsible for all the pictures in this post, was so impressed by the product she took one home to try and apparently made the best whisky and Appltizer slush which she enjoyed on a lilo in the pool. Her words: “It was HEAVEN!”.  It got me wondering about all the delicious grown-up cocktails we could make….Strawberry daiquiris, Mojitos…..Hello Pina Colada! YUM!!!!

Hunter was just as obsessed with the Zoku Slush Makers as the boys but I think she was equally excited about the Zoku Polar Slow Pops, which we tested out using strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, full-cream yoghurt and honey. We simply blitzed it all up in a blender and voila! The result were these gorgeously bright and fresh-looking ice-pops.

These are the Zoku Polar Slow Pop Freezer Moulds, available at Yuppie Chef.
There are so many other GORGEOUS moulds to choose from and they make the perfect Christmas gift for the summer holidays!

If you’re looking for some fabulous gift ideas then look no further…. I don’t know an adult or a kid in the southern Hemisphere who wouldn’t be STOKED to receive one of these this Christmas! You can shop all these awesome Zoku products plus more here.

Okay now let’s get done to business! Competition time! To *WIN* 2 Slush Zoku Slush & Milkshake Makers (valued at R399 each) follow these three easy steps:

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