I am very happy to report that, while there proved to be many upside’s to my husband being gone for 10 days, things are back to normal. He is home! This however means no more Spur dinners and eggs on toast. We are back to substantial healthy meals that actually are worthy of the title Dinner. In my husband’s mind anyway.

In all seriousness it has been so good to have him back and enjoy some family time together. He took yesterday off where we took the boys to the Company Gardens for lunch and to feed the squirrels. It is probably one of our most favorite places to go these days. That restaurant is too beautiful for words and we love making the mission into town, reminiscing about our time we spent living there before we, you know, Grew up and started a family. Have kids they said. It will be fun they said.

Anyway, after only having a salad for lunch I was pretty glad we had put a slow cooker on to enjoy for dinner. This also gave me time to go to the hairdresser, have a nap and spend more time with the kids. I mean who wants to cook on day off with family right? So here’s what I made!

Lamb and tomato bredie (My own version packed with vegetables!)


Good quality lamb (I used a mix of stewing lamb and lamb chops)

1 large onion

Tinned tomatoes

Tomato paste

Garlic (How long is a piece of string?)

Rosemary (3 large sprigs finely chopped) . sometimes if I’m really in a rush I throw the sprigs in whole and then just remove the sticks later!

Carrots cut sideways

Pumpkin, cubed

Celery, finely chopped (optional)

Mushrooms (Lots because they cook away and give the most amazing flavor!)

Baby marrows

(I put as much veg as my slow cooker will allow!)

3 tablespoons Stock

Salt and pepper


Once again all I do is brown my meat and onions before throwing it all into the slow cooker. Everything together!

Be careful not to add any liquid as it tends to makes its own from all the veg and tomatoes. The stock can just sprinkled straight over the top once everything else’s in.

Walk away and let it work it’s magic while you are out with the kids or at work!

We served ours with caulie mash (Steam it and blend it with a food processor with a generous amount of salt and butter)! YUM!! And again, it takes so much quicker than rice!

lamb bredie

You will come home to the most heavenly aroma permeating your nostrils. The best is taking all the credit for something you didn’t even do! You gotta love it right?

Have you bought your slow cooker yet? What’s stopping you?

Whats your best thing to do in yours?







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