For as long as I can remember I have been in love with rugs! I can remember being drawn to beautiful ones as a little girl and in more recent years spent hours scrolling through decor feeds and Pinterest boards, always drawn to the rug in a room immediately. 

And decor trends seem to be enticing me with so many gorgeous ways of styling rugs in every nook and cranny of your home. SO many beautiful styles and color combos, it’s almost impossible to always know what direction to go in. 

And let me tell you, Rugs and Such have become one such brand I have fallen in love for this very reason. They offer the most amazing selection of rugs (probably the largest range I have come across in SA) at the most INCREDIBLE quality. I am guilty of spending far to much time on their website, simply daydreaming about all the rugs I’m going to buy when we move into a bigger home! 

Rugs and Such offer a wide range of contemporary, vintage and Scandinavian style rugs, runners and mats, and I am certain there is something to suit every person’s taste and style.

“Rugs And Such offer Imported rugs made of Polypropylene. Working with international and Local Suppliers to offer a HUGE variety of Rugs delivered right to your door.”

I love that most of their rugs come in a variety of different shape and size options too, making it impossible to not find something suitable for your space. 

I am so utterly in love with our Atlas Rug (016) which ties in SO perfectly with everything we have chosen for this makeover.

The quality is out of their world and has the most luxurious texture and feel to it!

My favourite features: 

  1. It’s colours are a mix of cream, grey and beige and so are so perfect for any neutral space while still adding some interesting pattern detail. 
  2. It’s colour also means its easy to hide dirt!
  3. It’s easy to keep clean and stain resistant! Say what?? I mean with three kids in the house, that a HUGE bonus!
  4. Its the perfect size for our space. Our lounge and dinging room flow into one and so giving each space their own separate look and feel can be challenging. This rug is square, size 231×231, and sits perfectly under the coffee table and couch. It’s not too being but big enough if you know what I mean! 
  5. It’s so versatile and will match just about any look. They have a few colour variations in this range, should you be looking at a slightly different colour palette. 
  6. IT DOES’T SHED!!  Guys can we get a big amen? A shaggy rug that’s doesn’t shed 2 kilos of fibre a day? I sent back a rug to Superbalist for this very reason last year, everyday it would accumulate balls of fluff. So much so that I wondered what was going to be left of it after a couple more months. But this one is soft, luxurious and silky, without the balls of fluff and continuous need to vacuum and sweep up fluff.  YAY!!

For more on their range of rugs, visit Rugs and Such.  Or Join their Instagram page to keep up to date with the latest trends and arrivals!

Here are few of my other all time faves! 

I mean, can you see why I had such a tough time deciding?? There are too many gorgeous ones to choose from!

We are running the most amazing giveaway next week where one lucky person can *WIN*  this Monaco Rug featured below valued at R10.500!! Be sure to give them a follow in the meantime to get a head start and make sure you keep your eyes peeled! The total value of the prize is R20.000!!

Monaco Rug Valued at R10.600. Size is 2.74m x 3.66m

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