Let’s be honest moms, keeping our homes looking beautiful can be challenging with kids. They seem to destroy things faster than we clean and for the better part of this parenting journey, we have to accept that home life may never resemble that of a Pinterest board.

Knowing what to spend money on when you have young children running around can be a hard bet – you just never know what might happen to that risky purchase, or how long some things will even last.

But we long for our homes to look inviting and to create spaces that bring us joy, especially our living areas where we entertain and spend most of our time relaxing as a family. The one thing I know so may moms struggle with is keeping their couches clean. For many, we have simply given up, our couches and seating areas filled with 10 types of food stains, magic markers and possibly even some forms of bodily fluid. ( In fact most certainly!) All these things, proof of the little people who live there and the wonderful season of raising children. But as your kids grow up and become less of a hazard risk, so does your need to claim back your space, am I right?

The reality though is that buying a new couch is often not financially feasible. Anyone who has looked at the cost of new couches these days will know, they don’t come cheap! And you may opt to have your couches cleaned professionally which can help, but they are never really as good as new are they? In addition, the old beige colour you chose 7 years ago may have lost its appeal over the years, or perhaps you’re just feeling adventurous and keen to try a new colour scheme. You NEED something fresh, a specific colour!

I’m here to tell you that reupholstering your couch is honesty one of the best things to consider if you’re looking to freshen up your living area. As you may well know we recently recovered our three seater as well as our two smaller arm chairs, using Hertex’s Carefree range of fabrics which are ideal for families with kids and pets. These fabrics were specially designed to keep clean and they come in such a great selection fo colours.

Such a great job was done by the Creative Upholstery team.

Reckless and Spunky, the two fabrics in this collection, are all about stylish practicality and peace of mind. Available in a trendy colour palette that is ideal for both domestic and contract markets with it’s anti-microbial and anti-bacterial finishes. Easy-cleaning and very well-priced, this range has many applications, particularly in the medical environment.

The two arm chairs – We had new firmer foam cut and the difference is amazing!

We went with the colours Castle Rock for the couch and Lead (In Spunky) for the arm chairs. The variation of the two fabric types means they have a different texture and feel, making them ever so slightly different. We are so happy with the colours we chose, although I’m DYING to try the mustard (Mimosa) colour for recovering another couch when we movie into a bigger home. I’m already scouring market place for old couches to reupholster. 🙂 There is just something about this bright pop of colour that I love – as much as I adore neutrals, I cannot resist a splash of colour in certain rooms.

Obviously if you’re going this route and have sourced a great fabric, the second thing to ensure is that you find the right upholster to do the job. Not all Upholstery companies are created equally my friends, and the worst would be if you were to spend all that money on fabric, only to have someone mess up the main job.

We used Creative Upholstery in Cape Town and could not be happier with our choice. Damien and his team we honestly so amazing and were a pleasure to work with from start to finish! They are professional, experienced, hard working (They don’t take short-cuts), perfectionists, honest and ALWAYS on time. They arrive to pick up your couch in a beautiful big van, and deliver it back at a specified time without any complications or delays. What a pleasure! (You can find them on Facebook and Instagram too!

And what’s more, they don’t charge the earth. A big three seater, like ours would cost around R4000, if you supplied fabric. (You would need about 12 meters of fabric) Alternatively, you could look at fabric options with him, meaning you would look at around R6900 all in! And the results would be a brand new couch, without having to fork out 15k plus on a new one.

If you are looking to give your couches or chair cushions new life, I highly recommend both Hertex fabrics and Creative Upholstery to get the job done. Please note for Hertex fabrics you would need to order through a home decorator, I will be sharing some of those options with you soon!

In the meantime, call Damien for a proper quote (072 047 8901) and start planning that colour scheme – Hertex’s Carefree Range will have you swooning!

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