There was a time last year where every Instagram feed I went onto, I would see this delightful little camera with a little person behind it. They were used for styling the cutest pictures and somehow added such a quirky element to shoots and everyday magical moments. I had to find out more about the person responsible for creating such a buzz with this little wooden toy!

And soon after stalking La Fede’s Instagram feed i realised this wasn’t the only product grabbing the attention of moms and blog designers across the country. Oh no, this mama had a whole range of products that were just too gorgeous for words!

Chantelle is the talented lady behind the brand La Fede and they came on board with The Mom Diaries earlier this year to form part of our Ultimate Collaboration makeover.

Today we are talking to her to get a behind the scenes look at how her brand was born and the some of the many lessons learned along the way.

  1. Is this your full time job? If not, what do you do?

I’m a full time mom, and La Fede is my Full Time 3rd baby yes

2.  How and when was your brand born?

La Fede was born after the company I worked for closed down in Oct 2014

3. Was it an overnight success or did you experience many teething problems?

By no means was it an overnight success no, 2015 saw me finding my feet in the Artisan Handmade industry. I refocussed and launched my range in Feb 2016 after some critique from the curators at Kamersvol. Focussing on fewer items and building my brand around my strongest work.

4. What has been your greatest lesson in the industry? Any tips for people starting out?

My greatest lesson learned is to stick with what you believe in. taking on to many things to ‘ compete’ with other brands in your field doesnt make you stronger, it takes away from your unique craft.

5. As a momtrepreneur what are some challenges you face with having to balance it all – family, work and other commitments?

As I have been doing this for 2 years, we’ve found some balance. The start of this was crazy, a new born, an almost schoolgoer pressing finances, being a homemaker and wife was daunting, but with time we all came into a rythm. I am a supporter of the slow craft movement, quality over quantity. I believe that each thing you do can be done with love and affection, and in giving each task my full attention whether it be homework, toddler activities, wife life or  business life.

6. What is the dominant theme running through your product range? And what is your signature product?

I create Heirloom softtoy characters. Minimalistic, slow crafted high quality toys, that will surely aloow kids to interact and dream up adventures with their character. I have a wooden range of Moneyboxes and make wooden cameras.

7. Who/what are your biggest influences? Or your greatest inspirations? ( I’m guessing your little ones!)

My biggest inspiration is God and how faithful He has been in my journey. 2 years ago I got a word to start La Fede, with no funding, just a dream and a leap of faith. I have seen His plan unfold slowly, and in all my biggest doubts He has been faithful. I am inspired by my Husband Philip, his hard work and dedication to us. And of course my 2 kids Addison and Max

8. What has been your biggest achievement thus far?

I think just being able to do this and pushing through the hard time’s is an achievement for any small business. I’ve had products featured in many magazine placements and room reveals. Being part of Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair and Kamersvol Kamers/Makers was surely my highlight of 2016

9. What are your future plans and dreams for your brand?

I am hoping to grow La Fede locally by being part of these shows again, perhaps have a Tv interview or two, and I have my sights set on Bubble London in June and Playtime Paris towards year end.


Featured here : Geo Wolf soft toy, Kite money box and Wooden camera….

To find out how to get your hands on some of their quirky heirloom toys click on their social media links below:







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