Finding fillers for Hunter’s room was so much fun. I mean getting the big stuff sorted and decided is a big task, but once you have all of that sorted, finding toys and quirky little pieces that give it warmth and make it feel like a baby’s room is just icing on the cake!

When I come across Lovemore Creations on Facebook I knew their product would be the perfect addition to our Nursery and when Nairobi offered us a set of personalised name blocks, I was sold. I love them because they are perfect for decor, but also because Hunter will enjoy many hours playing with them as she gets older. They really are so so gorgeous….


Today we chat to Nairobi (who speaks Spanish as a first language!)  about Lovemoe Creations and how they do what they do!

1. Is this your full time job?

Yes this is my full time job. We manufacture wooden decor items for kids room and home. We also design and manufacture furniture.

2. How and when was your brand born?
My brand was born on December last year as a way to make some extra income for the holidays and quickly became bigger than that. We started doing christmas candle holder and wooden boxes, and now we have over 40 different products.

3. Was this an overnight success or did you experience many teething problems?

We worked really hard and we are still overcoming all those problems. It have been difficult as I am the one who does the designing, painting, deliveries, social media, bookkeeping, etc. Weekends now are about markets so time now is really tie, it is very difficult to find  quality time to spend with my baby daughter and husband. We didn’t expect to grow so fast, we are still trying to catch up with everything that’s happening but we are extremely grateful and feel very blessed.

We are such a new and small company, we are still learning on the job but we love what we do and we are very proud of all the support that we receive.

4. What has been your greatest lesson in the industry?
My greatest lesson in the industry is making everything with love, even when you are tired, grumpy or sick and you don’t feel like doing something if you change that state of mind and give it your 100% people appreciate it. I believe if you love what you do this reflects  in your work, products and in your brand. I think the secret to success is caring about your costumers and enjoying what you do.

5. As a mompreneur what are your challenges?
My biggest challenge is to stop thinking in work when I am not at work, I wake up thinking in Lovemore Creations and go to bed thinking in Lovemore Creations. I work from Monday to Friday in our offices and Saturday and Sundays must of the time have markets, so I need to find a way to make more time for my family.

6. What is your dominant theme running through your business? 

We do wooden decor so wood is a huge part of our branding, we have two catalogue: Home and Kids Rooms. Kids Rooms is much more popular than Home. I believe our kids room decor item are so popular because they are affordable, a lot of moms out there want to do a beautiful room or nursery for their kids but with out breaking the bank. We make it more accessible  and they can choose their own colors and everything.

7. Who is my biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration it was my baby daughter for sure, when I was pregnant 2 years ago I wanted all this gorgeous things for her room but when I went to different baby boutiques I realise I could never afford them. My husbands family have a factory call Lovemore Cupboards, so I went to their factory (with help of my hubby) and star using their tools to make a baby gym for Bella, and some house shelves, some blocks.. hehe the result was so nice that my friends star asking me to do some for them and after we star to sell them and we realise that we have a market there, all those mommies that wants all those things but don’t have the money to buy it in the boutiques.

8.What has been your biggest achievement as a brand?
We did a full room for one of our costumers last month, that was huge for us. We make the bed, the furniture, the shelves to the little blocks on the shelves.

Being contacted by bloggers and other brands like you guys. It means so much for us, it is a really big accomplish because it means people is liking what we do and they are taking us seriously.

9. What are your future hopes?
Well now I am working in our website and after that I think maybe opening our own store.

Now unless you have been hiding under a rock, you will know that we are running a Nursery Competition where you can WIN these blocks among other amazing products worth R13500! Go to the post at the top of The Mom Diaries page to enter or read more here.

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