srping 3

There is something quite significant about the 1st of September. It can be raining cats and dogs but it still gives us a sense of hope that we have made it out of the harsh winter alive. I love it because it feels like overnight the air changes as well as the light at different times of day. For me, there seems to be so much more magic and promise in what a day holds. It feels like falling in love.

The best part though has to be the fact that our kids don’t go crazy being inside all day and somehow when the kids are happy, so are we right? Its like their moods change too and we are reawakened with a fresh zest for life that you kind of forget about all winter. I mean I like winter in the beginning and when you are sitting in front of the tv curdled up under the blanket with hot soup or hot chocolate. But the whole slugging kids around in the rain thing, man it’s just enough now right?

So this is just a silly little random post (which as you may notice I don’t do many of) to say HAPPY SPRING day to all of you. I hope you are feeling the magic in the air too and that your winter mood is starting to lift.

Look out for a post in the next few weeks where I share some of my favourite spring recipes and summer time activities to do with your kids. And a couple of lovely awesome competitions launching soon.


Leigh xxx


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