I’m in my last trimester of pregnancy and beginning to feel it taking it’s toll on my tired body, so I’m all about making the most of lazy weekends at home. Lazy mornings that involve a good cup of tea in bed, comfortable PJ’s and lots of delicious snuggles with my kids.

While “Sleeping in” may be something of the past, there’s nothing I enjoy more than reading books with my boys or just having a good cuddle under a warm duvet, especially now that winter is properly on the way. Early morning missions to the beach have been traded in for slow cozy mornings of lego and movies in in bed. Sometimes if I’m lucky I sneak off back to bed with a good book and a second cup of something hot, leaving the boys to their own devises.

So what is it that makes these moments that much sweeter? What could possibly add to the satisfaction of enjoying a slow morning in PJ’s as you hear the rain hit the windows? I’ll tell you what : Good quality bed linen! Fresh, cozy bed linen makes the world of difference to how you feel about being in your bedroom space and enjoying the satisfaction of moments like this – it really has the potential to make these moments that much more enjoyable and luxurious. Am I right?

Superbalist have launched a new range of very affordable and great quality bed linen. Their Sixth`Floor range is bound to get you all kinds of excited with their amazing selection of duvet covers so go and have a look! And get this! They are also offering a special where you get 25% off your first Superbalist purchase! You can do this in their App by clicking Android or IOS, depending what device you are on.

Investing in good quality bed linen has never been more affordable and with such a wide selection to choose from there’s something to suit every taste and style. We are loving the fresh simplicity of our Pleat duvet Set – how can you go wrong with all white with a beautiful black pleated detail?

Happy shopping y’all!! ♥♥♥


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