Last Thursday evening I attended my second Sip Swap and Pamper party run by Julie and Bianca of Closetclique and hosted by my favorite spa in the Southern suburbs, Rouge day spa.

You will be sipping on the finest Steenberg bubbly!

“Closetclique was launched in 2014 by founder Julie Despraz.  She noticed a need for an online fashion platform, allowing South African women to buy, sell or swap luxury pre-loved clothing. A website where women could connect through their passion of fashion but also socialise on a monthly basis with the very famous closetclique Sip & Swap parties”

What happens at a sip swap and pamper party you ask? Well, it’s possibly the most amazing idea to hit our shores in a long time. You arrive at Rouge spa with a bag or your pre-loved and good quality clothing that you are no longer wearing; they take it from you, put tags on your clothing with an estimated value on it. – You tell them what you are hoping to get for the item.


Once all the clothing is up, you are free to browse the rails and if anything catches your eye they call the person whose item it is. If you are happy to find something to swap, great! Otherwise you can purchase the item (with the help of a little bit of friendly bartering if need be) and hopefully sell a few pieces of your own!

This all happens while sipping champagne, having your nails taken care of and munching on delicious snacks.

Some spoiling courtesy of Rouge day spa

The first one I went to was crazy busy and all quite a lot to take in which is why I enjoyed the calmness of this last one. While there was still a wonderful little buzz happening in all the rooms and a lovely group of women sitting enjoying the warm evening, it was quite a bit more relaxed. The first one I went with a bunch of friends while this one I decided to attend alone with the aim of making new connections and getting out of my comfort zone. You know how we Captonians can be!

The nice thing is that I actually had a moment to chat to Bianca a little bit more about Closetclique and hear what her and Julie’s vision is for their little start up business. You would be surprised to know that these pop up events are not even being charged for! All you do is rock up. NO joining fee or commission taken off your selling fee.

I would like to think that with change in the near future though, considering all the work and effort that goes in to hosting something like this. But Bianca has stayed true to her vision and is hopeful that things will get there quickly.

I think it’s so important that we encourage women in business and that we help start-ups like this get the momentum that they need. I would love to see them become a huge success with a community of woman who are supporting them in making their dream a reality. The fact that Bianca is a mom too, only adds to my eagerness to see her succeed.

Go check out their facebook page to keep up to date with events happening in and around Cape Town (as well as Durban and JHB) and who knows maybe one will be held right in your area! You can also go straight to website or shop online if you feel the Sip Swap and Pamper parties are sometimes hard to get to.

I walked away with a gorgeous long winter jersey, which I paid 50 bucks for. I cant believe I scored such a rad jersey and was surprised the owner would even want to part with it, but like I said this is what its all about. It’s important to realize that there is strict quality control and the emphasis is on PRELOVED good quality clothing.

SO come on girls, get that pair of jeans out that you haven’t fitted in to since you had your second child or find it in you to part with that summer dress that you know you will never wear again, but that just may find a happy new home with someone who actually wears it! For some, you may be bored to death of wearing the same jacket every winter but you may also be surprised to find its someone’s dream one. It’s such a fun way to swap or buy clothing and not have to spend too much money in the process.

I’m hoping to see you all at the next one!! I’m hooked!!!



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