Listen girls, I know we should all be about embracing what the good Lord gave us and truth is, for the most part, I have learned to do just that. I’ve stopped comparing myself to others and have learnt to accept me for me. And there’s freedom in that. There really is. But I’m also a believer in doing things that give you a confidence boost and help accentuate your natural beauty. Whether that be a skin procedure that aims to help you age gracefully, a cosmetic make-up application that gives more definition to your natural features or a body sculpting treatment that helps tone your beautiful mama curves. There really shouldn’t be any shame in trying to look after, preserve and accentuate what we have.

I think in most cases it just has to start with a good dose of self-love and acceptance. There’s really  is no point in doing these procedures and treatments for the wrong reasons. If you are are trying to hide who you really are or look a certain way out of fear of rejection or with the hopes of finding approval from others, you will soon discover that there is no treatment extreme enough that will make you love who you are. Do something that accentuates your true beauty because is makes you feel good, because you like feeling good in your own skin, because you enjoy looking pretty for your husband and because above all, it makes you feel like the queen that you are.

I’m also a BIG believer in outsourcing to the experts and letting them use their God-given skill to help you feel good about yourself. And I have to tell you that there is no better expert when it comes to lashes and Microblading than the queen of beauty herself…. Tamlyn from Queen Bee CT. This girl is all about working with what you have to help bring out the natural beauty that oozes out of every woman who sets foot in her salon. I love Tamlyn’s approach to beauty and her genuine warmth that exudes from her radiant personality.

I have shared my experience with microblading with all of you on Instagram and this girl has literally given me eye brows! Natural, fresh looking brows that give my eyes more definition and allow me to walk out the door with barely doing anything to them.

Microblading results : a more defined, thicker and even brow. 

I’ve also been to Tam for an eyelash lift which I was amazed by. It gave my lashes a beautiful curl and added so much length to my straight rather stubby excuse for lashes. 🙂 It lasted about 6 weeks. More about my experience here.

Lash Lift results: Longer and more curled lashes. 

But recently I wanted give the “real deals” a go and see if I could maintain some eyelash extensions. I really don’t like my short stubby lashes and no matter how many mascaras I’ve tried I just couldn’t get any noticeable length on them.  I had my first appointment with Tam from Queen B on the 6th March 2019 and was so happy with the result.

⇑ Now that’s a big difference right? To say I was blown away is a understatement. Only a girl with short lashes would empathise and know my joy at the sight of these beauties! 🙂

Tam told me that I would need to come in for a fill about 2-3 weeks later. And then… well life happened and before I knew it a whole month had passed. Tam reminded me to come in for a fill and I told her, much to her surprise that my lashes will still in very good shape! I think this is partly because Tam did such a great job and partly because I really looked after them well.

These were my lashes after close to 5 weeks post first appointment: Date: 10th April 2019

But I did notice a big difference again after they were filled so Ive learn my lesson to wait quite as long!

My tips to looking after lashes to ensure they last

  1. Don’t use oily make-up and face creams/washes. This interferes with the glue and will cause the lashes to fall out prematurely.
  2. Be gentle with them when washing. I only wash my lashes properly every few days and try to clean my face and around the eye area without rubbing the lashes at all in between those washes. (I also try to keep shampoo and conditioner out of my eyes when I wash my hair in the shower, as much as I can t avoid rubbing the eye area too vigorously)
  3. Use a brow and lash wash like Lash Collection which is made especially for extensions.
  4. Don’t pick!

If you live in Cape Town or make a trip down to these parts at any time of year, do yourself a favour and book a slot with this magician!  Tamlyn is a perfectionist and she aims to please. You can check out her website for a full list of her offerings, follow her on Instagram to see her other BEFORE and AFTERS or What’sApp/call her on  082 300 7739 to secure a booking. 

*Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post. I have paid full price for all my treatments, but Tamlyn has kindly offered me a special rate for my fills. All opinions are genuine, honest and my own.

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