If there’s one thing this partnership with Gumtree South Africa has reminded me, it’s that brand new doesn’t always mean better. In fact there’s often wisdom in buying second-hand because it means as parents, we are able to invest our hard earned cash where it really matters, into things that are hold more long-term value. (Hello education, family holidays, new experiences!) I have discussed many ways over the last 10 months how we as a family have chosen to tighten the belt, with the long term vision of saving for something more worthwhile.

Yup, we made our first international family a trip a reality after months of saving – We even went as far as saying no to to all the bells and whistles for Hunter’s first birthday party this year in our mission to tick this dream off our bucket list. I sold baby things she was no longer needing including old clothes, gadgets, cots and even bottles that were still in great condition. And the the people who bought these items from me couldn’t thank me enough for offering them great quality goods for a fraction of the store price. I also loved knowing that I was being kinder to the environment by making sure these loved products were getting a second life-span and not being tossed away or stored in a cupboard to collect dust.

Instead of buying Noah new golf clubs for his birthday just before our trip, we sourced some INCREDIBLE quality ones off Gumtree that turned out to be quarter of what they would have cost new. And then let’s not forget the beautiful picture frames I found for a makeover project recently that I used the spruce up our drab bathrooms. So many small things that made a HUGE difference and it’s really helped us be more conscious about how we spend, as well as the things we buy.

It’s made me realise too that saving by buying and selling and selling throughout the year shouldn’t stop now, at the this time of the year where people throw all caution to the wind and become a little reckless with their spending. In a season of over-the-top consumerism, why not carry over this learned mentality and look for things on Gumtree as gifts for your kids who just seem to outgrow things quicker than you can say….. “What do you want for Christmas?” And better yet, if it’s something that will last then a good few years and that they are invested in then get more for your money by buying something that’s been loved and used by someone before. Here are some ideas:

  1. Bikes and Scooters – There are so many listed on Gumtree and while you may have to sift through to find the  best, the chances of you finding something suitable is pretty high!
  2. Ipads and Console games. – I’m not trying to advocate screen time here but let’s face it our kids are getting more and more into these things as they get older and I do believe they have their place. Rather than spend thousands on the latest version brand new, start with something entry level that will still see them having hours of fun for a fraction of the price.
  3. Sports equipment – there is nothing more satisfying that investing into your children’s physical passions and their sporting careers. Money well spent in my books. The R500 you would spend on a poor quality toy, put it towards a set of golf clubs, a good quality tennis racket or cricket set.
  4. Musical instruments: Coming from a musical family, I believe music is one of the best gifts we can give our kids and no matter where they rank on the talent scale, it’s such a great gift idea. There are so many pianos, guitars and violins listed and for those of you who don’t know, these things don’t come cheap. Looking for something suitable on Gumtree could be the answer, where you would be able to get more for your buck.

All these things can be given a quick clean and shining and should be as a good was new. Wrap it up and see their face squeal with delight on Christmas day! Don’t forget it’s not too late to get those unused goods listed that are sitting collecting dust in the top cupboard. Spend less, buy less and accumulate less this Christmas, and let’s go into 2019 with freedom. Freedom from consumerism and the weight of having too much stuff and financial freedom, knowing we haven’t over-spent and started the year in debt.

On that note, Merry Christmas dear ones, always remember where the true value of Christmas lies and to soak up every special moment with those you love. ♥


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