Because hubs is in JHB this week and is missing my birthday tomorrow, he laid on the spoils this past weekend starting off with a surprise dinner with some really good mates. I think it was the first time in my whole life that I was PROPERLY surprised with something. Not even the night Brendon proposed to had me so gobsmacked. Walking into El burro to a table full of some of my favourite people was about the most special i have felt in ages. And the pulled pork taco’s they offer makes one feel rather special too!

I ate ALL the ceviche and drank ALL the tequila in Cape town and I felt all 33 years on Saturday morning. Having arrived home from da club at 3 am, I spent much of the next day on the couch (with the kids still at the grandparents) with my darling dearest waiting on me hand and foot. I literally didn’t get off my fat ass all day as he came in and out offering me tea, buying takeaway to nurse the tequila headache and forcing me to drink water. He even bathed and fed the kids before putting a movie on for me in the evening. On Sunday I drank (more) champagne and ate oysters and sushi while watching the beautiful ocean (and coordinating the iPad between the boys and trying to get play dough out of the seats) I don’t know what i would have done without the toys though, why can kids just sit still for half an hour??

But as i sat across from my husband, our eyes met in all the madness and I had some very heavy tears well up in my eyes. I looked at him sand said “We have the best life. Not perfect, not without its stresses and worry and sad moments. But we have a GOOD life” We felt the enormity of just how blessed we were in that moment.

Do you ever have moments like that? When all the other stuff just seems so sill in the bigger scheme of things. That life is about living and enjoying each other and having fun. As we grow up we start to take life so seriously, we start to lose sight of the magic. I felt all 33 years worth of magic in that one moment and told myself i would never forget that.

Speaking of magic, I also took it upon myself to hijack my kids scooter and take it for a little spin along the promenade. Whether it was pure temptation or me trying to defy my age, it must be said for the record that it was the most fun I’ve had with the kids in months. We all got back in the car and decided that come this summer we will all have own scooters and skateboards. I reckon we could pull it off hey?

So that’s all i have for you for today folks, a post to simply say, thank you to the God who made all these things possible and to my husband and friends, Thank you for being so good to me and always going out of your way to remind me that I’m special. I pray with all my heart that everyone has friends as good as mine. We all deserve this kind of friendship. Well most people anyway.

Stay classy now

Love Leig x


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