Is it just me or are people seriously going over board with party packs these days? It’s a concept a little too much for my brain to grasp. Children come to a party where they eat themselves sick with everything from cupcakes to jelly babies and then we send them home with more sugar, you know just incase they hadn’t had enough. Its mind boggling if you really have to think about it.

Does it mean I’m not going to make them for my 2 year olds party coming up? Of course i will.

While I believe its very easy to get carried away, I think it’s still nice to send the kids away with a little something. It’s very important that you chose the right party favour however. That’s if you ever want moms to be your friends ever again without cursing you every time their children take it out to play with. Yes even your closest friends.

I have compiled a list of things you really need to reconsider giving as a party favour.

  1. Whistles. Please for the love sanity, don’t do it. They are loud and if they came with string it means they become permanently attached to them for hours on end.
  2. Glitter. My son went to a fairy party a while back and each child was sent home with a small vial of fairy dust.Yes even the boys. I’m still trying to get the stuff out of my car seats. There is absolutely NOTHING magical about it.
  3. Balloons. While they seem like a great idea at the time and there is no doubt the kids will love them, balloons are just plain irritating to have in the house. Putting rice in them (Shake shake shake) will guarantee your mom friends curse you the whole way home from the party.
  4. Loud toys with no off button. Enough said.
  5. Finger paints. Finger paints should come with a warning: DO NOT USE THESE AT HOME. Having the stuff in my home makes me feel all kinds of uneasy. While i don’t mind the odd watercolour or even ordinary painting session, FINGER paints should stay where they belong. The classroom.

I’m sure there will be many moms who disagree with me. GOOD FOR YOU! You must have much higher tolerance levels than me. Seriously congratulations. But for the rest of us, please take these considerations to heart and stick to things that don’t drive us dilly and turn our already crazy homes into a circus.

Thank-you kindly,

Leigh x

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